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Liesl & Tieneke

Taipei, Taiwan

Who are these blondies and what’s their deal?

We are Liesl and Tieneke, two South African gals who have been living in Taipei, Taiwan for almost ten years. Nope, we aren’t twins, sisters, or even related for that matter. (Although, we completely understand why you would think that!) Other than our physical resemblance, we do share quite a few more similarities; we’re both small town Afrikaans girls who grew up in beautiful South Africa, we both received degrees in education, and both moved across the world to Taiwan to teach English. We also share a love for traveling, photography, good food, beautiful things and fashion. (Shop our favorites, here!)

So, what’s A Style Alike about?

A Style Alike is a Fashion and Lifestyle website based in Taipei, and your one-stop resource for fashion inspiration, holy grail beauty products, must-visit cafes and stores in Taipei, and carefully curated travel guides for your next big trip. It is an online world where hanging out with your best friend becomes a reality. Instead of just sharing with each other about new beauty products we’ve discovered, pictures of shiny new shoes we've just ordered, or talking about the lovely cafe we had brunch at, and where we’ll be staying on our next trip, we will be sharing it with all of you, too!

Why the name, "A Style Alike"?

When we first met, we only had to spend a few minutes together to realize that we were long lost style sisters. The inside of our closets are basically replicas of each others’, and we often have to confirm what the other is wearing before we go out in public, you know, to avoid the “who-wore-it-better” dilemma. We decided to embrace the fact that we are so similar, and think that the name, A Style Alike, truly represents us.

How do I join this awesome community?

Come find us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and join in our world. Also, you should sign up for our weekly newsletter to get updates about our latest posts, exciting giveaways, events and more!

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Liesl (lee-sill)

Liesl and Tieneke A STYLE ALIKE

Tieneke (tee-na-kuh)