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5 Easy Steps to Voluminous Hair

5 Easy Steps to Voluminous Hair

I’m still dreaming of the day when I’m going to wake up with long and flowy, voluminous and thick blonde locks like Blake Lively (hey, a girl can dream!), but until then I’m still trying to figure out how to add the most bounce and thickness to my hair, without drying it out and also adding a healthy shine.

I was born with rather fine hair which is not always easy to style. Voluminous products would often be too drying, and conditioning products too heavy, which resulted in weighing my hair down. So after years of trying to master turning my fine hair into that of a Victoria's Secret angel's luscious locks, I’ve realized that there’s no miracle solution. That said, there are ways to make your hair appear and feel thicker and more voluminous. Scroll down to read all about my tried-and-tested ways to more healthy and bouncy hair.

1. Use a Volumizing Shampoo

Using a volumizing shampoo is essential if you want to obtain voluminous and "big" hair. Like me, you’ve probably tried countless different products before, that has either dried out your hair or made it greasy, right? Well, have I got news for you! I found the holy-grail volumizing shampoo that does not only make your hair light and voluminous, but is also moisturizing enough that you don’t even have to add conditioner (which all we fine-haired ladies know makes our hair heavy, and weighs it down) and can still easily comb out your hair. Kerastase Bain Volumifique Shampoo is the ultimate in volumizing shampoos, and smells amazing too. Ladies, it works (trust me!).

2. Dry Your Hair Upside Down

I know you’ve probably heard this golden rule before, but did you know that only drying your hair upside down isn’t quite enough? There are 2 steps that are absolutely essential if you want bounce and volume. First of all, dry your hair upside down until almost completely dry, using the dryer and only your hands (I repeat, only your hands!) I kid you not, I have double the volume after realizing I shouldn’t use tools such as a round brush on my wet hair. Only AFTER drying your hair you can repeat step one, but this time using your large barrel brush. The one I use, and love most, is the GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 4 , which is not only great quality, but also the perfect size for getting mega volume!

3. Add Dry Shampoo

Yes I know, dry shampoo is supposed to be used to make your greasy hair look and smell “clean”, but did you know you could spray it on your clean, blow dried hair? That will result in making your hair appear (and feel!) way thicker! Yes, it’s true ladies! Spray it on your hair, specifically the roots, let it sit for a while, and voila! Your hair will look and feel amazing, and as a bonus, you’ll wake up the next day with non-greasy, voluminous "bed-hair", also extending your wash for one more day. My favorite dry shampoo, that Liesl and I both use, is Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo, which smells great and is affordable too!

4. Take Vitamins

We live in a time where people are taking supplements for everything, so why not add some vitamins to benefit your hair as well? After doing some research (okay I’m lying, I might as well have done my masters degree at scale I was researching this topic..) about vitamins and hair growth, I finally found The One; Viviscal. Have you heard of this amazing supplement? Unlike other hair growth supplements, it contains the exclusive marine complex AminoMar C, that helps regenerate new cells and feed existing cells. In other words, it basically nourishes thinning hair and promotes hair growth, which will lead to more hair that will eventually add to thickness and volume. It's advised to take twice a day for at least half a year, after which you will have thicker and more fuller-looking hair (aka VOLUME!)

5. Treat Your Hair

As a blonde, I have to visit the salon on a regular basis to get my highlights done, and we all know how bad those chemical treatments are for your hair, especially fine hair! So after my hairdresser was raving about this next product for months, I finally decided on giving it a try, and after only one use, I could already see and feel the difference. Olaplex No.3 was designed to use in between hair treatments, repairing hair from within by “gluing” back the broken bonds that was broken during coloring, thus making your hair stronger and less prone to breakage. After using this product once a week for a month, my hair already feels much stronger and I’ve also noticed less breakage and more shine. You’re probably wondering why I added this to my steps to voluminous hair? Well, to achieve volume, healthy and strong hair is essential and this must be one of the only products that has achieved that, that also didn’t weigh down my hair at all! In fact, after using it I woke up with thicker feeling, weightless hair that looked and felt healthy. Win!

5 Easy Steps to Voluminous Hair

By following these easy steps, you should achieve more voluminous and healthy-looking hair, too. It works for me! Of course we’re always on the lookout for the next miracle product or ways to add body to our hair, so please share your secrets with us and comment below!

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