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A Guide to Healthy Eating in Taipei l Restaurants & Food

With all the healthy restaurants popping up lately, I guess it’s safe to say that Taipei is quickly becoming one of the most health-centric cities in Taiwan, with the wellness scene getting bigger and better by the day. Whether you are looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian; many of these restaurants cater to every dietary requirement.

In our Guide to Healthy Eating in Taipei, you can see our top picks of healthy restaurants and cafes (Including vegan, vegetarian AND non-vegetarian), and a link below each where you can see our full reviews. Also, find a map at the bottom of the page with the location of each of the mentioned restaurants.



YUCCA Cafe is the epitome of what a healthy cafe should look like; from the bright space, filled with greenery and natural light, to the wood interior and pops of color throughout the restaurant. Not only is the interior gorgeous, but they use only the freshest ingredients to prepare their food, serving a range of healthy meal options such as smoothie bowls, salads, wraps, and also cheese and meat boards. Located a mere 5-minute walk from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station, it’s a great healthy food option for lunch or brunch.

See our full review here.

Tamed Fox

Still one of our all-time favorite cafes in Taipei, specifically for their range of delicious and creative dishes (and also the stunning Dutch-inspired interior) is Tamed Fox. Located in Daan District, it’s the perfect stop for a healthy breakfast and latte. From Acai bowls to hummus and avocado toasts, they have a long list of tasty and healthy treats to devour.

See our full review here.

Sugar Pea

I’m sure you need no introduction to one of the most popular (and Insta-worthy!) cafes in Taipei, Sugar Pea. Not only is the interior straight out of a magazine, the food is absolutely delicious as well. Their salads and market bowls are packed with nutrition, and they also have a wide range of smoothies and cold-pressed juices, freshly made upon ordering. We highly recommend the Chipotle Chicken and Slow Poached Salmon (and of course, treating yourself to a slice of their famous red velvet cake!).

See our full review here.

Cafe by Juicy Diary

Cafe by Juicy Diary is located in Daan District, and is known for their wholesome yet hearty meals, leaving you feeling full (but without the guilt!). Their menu is quite impressive and consists of a range of carefully curated, healthy and flavorful dishes; from Acai and berry bowls, to arugula and fig salads (The Red Wine Braised Oxtail is also not to be missed!).

See our full review here.

Vast Cali Eatery

Vast Cali Eatery is the perfect spot for a healthy, California-style meal and is conveniently located in Taipei's Daan District in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area. They offer a wide selection of healthy and creative, Cali-inspired dishes, such as gluten-free pizzas, overnight oats, organic salads, and even steak (They also have a BIG variety of alcoholic beverages!).

See our full review here.

Soupstar the Kitchen

Soupstar the Kitchen is your home away from home, offering hearty yet healthy meals, in a cozy setting right here in Taipei. They’ve become quite a popular restaurant, and is known for their variety of roasted dishes, reminiscent of a delicious home-cooked meal. They also serve a range of other dishes such as salads, soups, hamburgers and sandwiches.

See our full review here.

Sababa Pita Bar

Sababa Pita Bar is a Middle-Eastern style restaurant in Taipei that serves a range of aromatic and healthy Mediterranean food. Their menu includes a range of foods to choose from, such as lamb, chicken and beef pitas, salads and ‘pitzas’, and also a long list of vegetarian options such as falafel, Egyptian cigars, hummus and more. Located in the Gongguan area, and right across the university, it’s a popular hangout for students and foodies.

See our full review here.

波浮 Habu Juice

波浮 Habu Juice is located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood of Taipei, and offers healthy and nutritious meals, and an impressive list of cold pressed juices. Right around the corner of Liuzhangli MRT sits this tranquil cafe, in a quiet alley next to a park; the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a healthy meal. The bread they use for all their sandwiches are from Purebread Bakery, so expect to be served with the freshest and most delicious bread in Taipei.

See our full review here.


source: UberEats

source: EatSmart

Eating healthy during the week is not always that easy to do in Taipei, especially after working such late hours and being easily convinced to get some junk food, "just one last time". Thanks to EatSmart, that is a problem of the past, and healthy, home-cooked meals can be delivered right to your doorstep. Their meals are nutritionally balanced and contains low-carbs, healthy fats, lean protein and no sugar, and they have vegetarian options as well. We highly recommend EatSmart for eating healthy and balanced meals throughout the week.

Sign up and order here.

Vegetarian / Vegan


Plants is a vegan and gluten-free cafe located in Daan District, and serves tasty and nutritious, plant-based wholefoods. Their menu consists of carefully curated vegan super foods, and includes a range of creative dishes such as Kimchi Salad Pancake, Hawaiian Flatbread, Maple Chia Pudding, Flamingo Bowl, and more!

See our full review here.


MissGreen is one of the best options for vegan food in Taipei, and we always recommend it to our friends. They offer a huge selection of flavorful plant-based dishes; from pasta, risotto, burgers and paninis, to curries, pizza and salad. For drinks, they offer smoothies, organic teas, beer, wine, juices and coffees.

See our full review here.

Ooh Cha Cha

Ooh Cha Cha is one of our all-time favorite restaurants and a must visit when you are in Taipei. They currently have two locations in the city, one near Guting MRT Station, and the other one near Technology Building MRT. They serve a variety of 100% vegan salads, appetizers and mains, and even have a few dessert options in the mix (Their breakfast cookies are amazing, too!). And did I mention they make the best vegan burgers in town?!

See our full review here.


If it’s a gourmet salad you’re looking for (and not the kind filled with iceberg lettuce..) you’ve come to the right place. Saladay offers customizable salads, made from only the freshest ingredients and served with a generous amount of toppings. They also have fixed salads on the menu, vegetable soups and delicious smoothies made from fresh fruit and super foods like chia seeds. They have a few locations all over the city, but our favorite is their lush green, oasis-like cafe located just a few minute's walk from Taipei Arena MRT Station.

See our full review here.

Fruta Fruta Acai Cafe

Fruta Fruta Acai Cafe is a cafe dedicated entirely to the nutritional super food, Acai, and on their menu you can find a variety of healthy and fruity options, from Acai crepes to Acai smoothies, and of course, the Acai bowl. It’s located on the third floor of Breeze Nanshan, right across from Taipei 101, and they’re open daily from 11AM.

See our full review here.


Miopane is the sister-restaurant of well-known vegetarian eatery, Miacucina, and both these restaurants offer an extensive menu filled with hearty vegetarian food and a large variety of brunch options, including creative dishes like avocado topped with poached egg, or eggs Benedict served on basil leaves and vegetables. They also serve other interesting dishes like roasted carrots with pine nuts and feta, or roasted tomato with feta. The options are endless!

See our full review here.

Herban Kitchen & Bar 二本餐廳

Last but not least, Herban Kitchen & Bar 二本餐廳, a well-known restaurant in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area also serving a variety of healthy vegan and vegetarian options. It’s a lovely and relaxing space filled with leafy greens, where you can enjoy a selection of European, American and Asian dishes. The menu is quite interesting and full of creative surprises; I'm sure you'll find something you love!

See our full review here.

We hope you find this guide helpful in your search for healthy food and restaurants in Taipei! Below you can see a map on which we've pinned the locations of all the above mentioned restaurants. To see our complete directory of ALL the cafes and restaurants we've visited in Taipei (including the not-so-healthy!), you can click here.

A Guide to Healthy Eating in Taipei l MAP


If you'd like us to visit your restaurant or cafe in Taipei, CONTACT US at hello@astylealike.com to receive our media kit and to discuss collaboration options. We'd love to hear from you, and are open to your ideas.

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