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A Guide to Milos

I still find myself daydreaming of the two magical weeks we spent in Greece this past summer, and looking at the pictures now it still feels like a dream. Santorini and Mykonos have always been on my bucket list, but after realizing they aren't really known for their beaches, I was on the lookout for a spot where The Husband and I could relax and unwind, and spend our days on the sand, basking in the sun and sipping on cocktails. After doing some research I discovered Milos (aka the PARADISE of beaches) and immediately added it to our Greece itinerary. We spent 5 days here, and both agreed that it was our absolute favorite Greek island and we'd go back in a heart beat!

In my guide you can find some useful tips and information, such as a map of all the must-visit beaches, villages and restaurants, and also some ideas of where to stay, and of course, how to get to this under-the-radar gem in Greece.


How to Get There

By Plane - The fastest way to get to Milos (from Athens International Airport) is by plane, and there are a few budget airlines available that will get you there in under 40 minutes. You can book your flights directly from Skyscanner to find the best deals and most convenient times to fit your schedule.

By Boat - There are ferries available from Athens (Piraeus Port) and it will take about 5 hours to get to Milos. However, if you're planning on doing island hopping like we did, I'd recommend taking a boat from one of the islands closer to Milos (such as Santorini) and hopping on SeaJets for a short 2 hour boat ride. All boat trips in Greece can be booked online here.


How To Get Around

Scooter / ATV / Car - The most convenient way to get around in Milos, and also the only way to access hidden beaches around the island, is by scooter, ATV or car. I recommend renting a scooter (or car) from Niko's Moto; they're located right by the port and scooter rental for one day (in peak season) is about 25 euros.

Bus - Buses are available in Milos and the timetable can be checked here. However, some parts in Milos are inaccessible by bus and they also don't run very frequently, thus limiting the amount of places you can visit in a day.

Taxi - Taxi's are much cheaper in Milos than in Mykonos and Santorini, and a one-way trip between towns would cost you less than 15 euros.


Where To Stay

Adamas - Adamas is the largest town in Milos and also where Milos' port is located, so when arriving on the island by boat this is where you'll be. This beautfiul Greek town is filled with Greek restaurants, shops and tavernas, and is also the main hub for buses and taxis. We chose to stay here for its convenient location (it's right in the center of the island) and also the lively atmoshere. It's a great base to explore the rest of Milos, and there's no shortage of good food! We stayed at Adamas Studio (linked below); a lovely AirBnB apartment located near the beach and a 5 minute walk from the port, restaurants and shops.

Accommodation: Adamas Studio, Milos Bay Suites, Milos Dream Houses

Pollonia - Another town visitor's often stay at is Pollonia, a charming fishing village in the north east of Milos, that's known for its seaside restaurants, endless options of hotels and their beautiful beach that is within walking distance. It's a quiet village that is family-friendly, so if you're looking for a more lively vibe, this probably isn't for you.

Accommodation: Terra Oliva Milos, Takiss Rooms, Casa Mare Pollonia

Plaka - Plaka, the capital of Milos, is situated on the highest hill of the island, and is well-known for its picturesque alleyways and houses, trendy boutiques, upscale restaurants and also its nightlife. It's not located near any beaches so don't consider staying here if you're planning on spending more days at the beach than in the shops.

Accommodation: Anemolia House

Where To Eat

Medusa - Medusa is located in the charming fishing village, Mandrakia, and is the perfect place for a relaxing lunch next to the turquoise blue seas. They serve authentic greek dishes such as Swordfish Souvlaki, Fried Eggplant, Feta Cheese on the grill, and MANY more (and their prices can't be beat!) Lunch at Medusa is an absolute MUST, and it's truly one of the best (and most idyllic!) dining experiences I've had in my life.

Yankos Souvlaki - For quick and cheap eats in Adamas, Yankos Souvlaki is the place to go! They serve traditional gyros and souvlaki at super affordable prices, and food can be enjoyed on the go or outside on the restaurant's patio.

Fatses - Fastes is a unique "Rastafarian meets Greek" style restaurant in Plaka, that offers colorful seating options outside under the trees and a range of Greek-style dishes. After a day of exploring Plaka, this is the perfect spot to unwind and relax with a glass of Greek wine.

Aggeliki - This adorable ice cream shop in Adamas do not only serve a variety of gelato, but also delicious breakfasts such as waffles and pancakes, and also some mouthwatering Greek frappes.

Kynigos - For one of the most breathtaking views of Adamas' port and some of the BEST traditional Greek dishes, Kynigos is the ideal place to go. This is also the perfect spot for a romantic date night in Adamas.

Sirocco - For one of the most unique dining experience you'll have in your life, go to Sirocco on Paliochori Beach, for a once in a lifetime, "Volcanic Lunch". Right underneath the beach there is volcanic activity, and the high temperatures allows for food to be cooked on the sand. We ordered the lamb along with some greek salad and bread; it was DELICIOUS and the perfect combination.

Fournos Artemis - Artemis is a local bakery in Adamas where you can find all the Greek delicasies you can dream of, from freshly baked Baklava to Kourabiedes (almond cookies ) and Galaktoboureko (custard pie).

What To See

Klima Village - Klima Village is one of the most picturesque places I've been to in my life and it literally feels like you've stepped into a postcard. This seaside village is lined with colorful fisherman houses and shops where you can buy local, handmade products that will make great souvenirs or gifts. This is a great spot to watch Milos' magical sunset and sundowners can be enjoyed at Astakas, a local Greek restaurant right next to the blue waters.

Plaka - Plaka is the capital of the island and can best be described as the "Oia" of Milos. The idyllic streets are adorned with bougainvillea and whitewashed houses, beautiful (and pricey) boutiques, and higher end restaurants. Situated on the highest hill of the island, you will find some of the best views of the Aegan seas.

Adamas - Adamas is the largest village in Milos and also where the main port is located. This beautiful seaside town is filled with shops, bakeries, and restaurants, and a long stretch of beach if you're looking for a spot to swim.

Where To Swim

Firapotomos Beach - This secluded pebbled beach lies among whitewashed houses in Firapotomos village, and nearby you can also find a cliff- jumping spot. On the beach a Greek Taverna provides food and drinks.

Sarakiniko Beach - Sarakiniko is a MUST when in Milos, and if you choose only one beach to visit, this is the one to go to. This bucket list-worthy beach was formed by lava and is now compared to a moonscape, thanks to its greyish white rocks. Spend a day here and stay to watch the sunset (It's a great spot to have a picnic!)

Paliochori Beach - Another must-visit in Milos is Paliochori Beach near Pollonia, where volcanic activity below the surface allows for food to be cooked right on the sand. Beach chairs are available for rent and food and drinks can be ordered from Sirocco Restaurant (Order the lamb, and thank me later!)

Firiplaka Beach - Another secluded, red-rock beach in Milos that I highly recommend is Firiplaka. We spent an entire day here, lounging under the umbrella with our feet in the sand, admiring the crystal clear waters. Before you make your way down the steep hill, remember to buy food and drinks at the food truck situated at the top, and take note that no public toilets are even remotely near.

Tsigrado Beach - The only way to access this secluded beach tucked away between high cliffs, is down a narrow (and steep) passage with the help of a rope and a ladder (It's not for the faint of heart!) Before you make your way down, remember that this is also the only way to get back up. But don't worry, it's totally worth it! It's one of the most picturesque beaches in Milos and an experience you will never forget.

Things To Know

  • The best way of transport in Milos is by scooter or car. A lot of the must-see parts are inaccessible by bus.

  • Scooters don't need to be booked in advance as plenty are available, especially in Adamas right at the port.

  • Milos is much more affordable than Greece's more "famous" islands, and food and hotel prices are about half of what they are in Santorini and Mykonos.

  • Peak season is in July and August and that is also their "windy" season, however, it wasn't nearly as windy OR busy as in Mykonos.

  • Milos' magnificent beaches are scattered around the island, and the distance between them is about a 20 minute scooter ride.

  • The most centrally located town in Milos is Adamas, and the main port where all boats arrive is here.

  • For nightlife, locals recommend the capital, Plaka, and many bars and restaurants can be found here. At night the village is not accessible by scooters so it's best to take a taxi.

  • If you don't have time to visit all of the recommended beaches in my post, try your best to see Sarakiniko, Paliochori and Firiplaka beach.

  • In peak season (July and August) hotel and AirBnB prices are about 3 times the normal rate. It's much more affordable before or after.


A Guide to Milos MAP


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