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Baby Sleep Time Favorites

Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

"Baby sleep" must be the hottest topic between me and my mommy friends, and with soooo many products saturating the market to (supposedly) optimize the little ones' snoozy time, I thought I'd share my personal favorite items after testing quite a few items myself. These are the products that I've used and loved these past four months with Rumi, and that I would recommend to all who are bringing home a wee little one. Of course you don't need all these things, but if you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the options out there, maybe this list can help you out in narrowing down the choices.


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

SNUGGLEME ORGANIC Infant Lounger ($156)

I could never have predicted how much we would use this baby lounger. For the first two months of her life, our girl took most of her naps (other than the ones on me) in the lounger next to me on the couch. (We had to move her to her crib in our room for naps after that, as she was just getting too aware and distracted in the living room and couldn't nap properly anymore.) I highly recommend getting a lounger for those first couple of months, it's a lifesaver when you want to put the baby down for a few minutes to eat, or for some of their naps. There are a few popular ones on the market, like the Doc-A-Tot and the SnuggleMe Organic loungers; we opted for the SnuggleMe which we absolutely loved!

Buy it here: SNUGGLEME ORGANIC Infant Lounger ($156)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

KIIN Moses Basket (similar) & KIIN Bassinet Fitted Sheet ($25)

Before your babe starts sleeping in a proper crib, it's nice to have a smaller and cozier bassinet for them next to your bed. There are SO MANY options out there, but Rumi slept in a Moses basket next to our bed, and it was the perfect size for her to feel cozy, safe and secure. I borrowed the KIIN Moses basket from Tieneke, and it was so useful (and super cute!) for the first few months. Of course for the Moses basket you need a small fitted sheet for the mattress. I love these cute ones from KIIN; they are are high quality and the designs are just so beautiful.

Buy it here: KIIN Moses Basket (similar) and KIIN Bassinet Fitted Sheet ($25)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

IKEA Sniglar Crib ($79) & SOLLYBABY Crib Sheet ($38)

We transitioned Rumi to her crib for night sleep quite early on, and got this affordable one from IKEA. She slept really well in it from the beginning, and we've been very happy with it. The crib isn't too big so it fits nicely in our bedroom. We also got the crib mattress from IKEA. I'm OBSESSED with these crib sheets from SOLLYBABY; they are extremely soft and excellent quality. I originally only bought two, but quickly purchased another one as we have to change it out quite often. They have such cute designs and I have to stop myself from buying more! Also, don't forget the waterproof mattress protector. We got one from IKEA, and so far so good!

Buy it here: IKEA Sniglar Crib ($79) and SOLLYBABY Crib Sheet ($38) and IKEA Lenast Mattress Protector ($9.99)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

YOGASLEEP Rohm Portable Sound Machine ($29.99)

I can't imagine not having a noise machine for our baby. This magical machine has been a bedtime must-have for us; not only does it help to drown out some distracting sounds in our apartment building, it's been a good signal for her that it's time to sleep. This portable one is great and I would recommend it to all parents! We take it everywhere with us, and use it for every nap and night time sleep.

Buy it here: YOGASLEEP Rohm Portable Sound Machine ($29.99)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

HATCH Rest Sound Machine ($59.99)

A night light has been great for those middle of the night feeds. Believe me, you do not want to turn on any harsh lights in the wee morning hours. This one from HATCH has been great (it can also play music, and make white noise). You only have to touch it to turn it on and off, and can program different color lights and sounds.

Buy it here: HATCH Rest Sound Machine ($59.99)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

LOLLIPOP Smart Baby Monitor ($159)

Ever since Rumi has been napping and sleeping in her crib in our room, we've been using our LOLLIPOP camera monitor non-stop. I love that you can connect multiple devices to it and it's nice to be able to keep an eye on the babe while she's sleeping and we're in another room. The quality of this camera is excellent, and I would highly recommend it!

Buy it here: LOLLIPOP Smart Baby Monitor ($159)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

OWLET Smart Sock ($299)

My brother very kindly gifted us the OWLET heartbeat and oxygen monitor, and we've used it every day since we brought Rumi home. I don't know how I would ever have peace of mind without it. The sock is connected to a hub that will sound an alarm if her heartrate goes under or over a certain number, and also if her oxygen level falls below normal. It has been great! The sock is sensitive (of course we tested it a few times), and I feel completely relaxed when she's sleeping and wearing it.

Buy it here: OWLET Smart Sock ($299)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

SOLLYBABY Swaddle ($23)

A classic swaddle (or ten) is so useful when you have a baby, as it's multifunctional. You can wrap your little one in it like a little burrito for sleep time, which makes them feel safe and secure, and also keeps their arms from flailing about. I have quite a few swaddles, but my favorite ones are these from SOLLYBABY; they are soooo soft and cozy, and also have a slight stretch to it. These were the best ones to wrap her in for a nap, as we found many other swaddles would come undone from her movement. For some reason, these always stayed put!

Buy it here: SOLLYBABY Swaddle ($23)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

LOVETODREAM Swaddle Up ($29.99)

For the first few weeks, Rumi slept in the LOVETODREAM swaddle suit at night, which is so easy to use, and perfect for multiple diaper changes throughout the night. She always loved to sleep with her arms up next to her face, so this swaddle worked well for that.

Buy it here: LOVETODREAM Swaddle Up ($29.99)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

SWADDLEME Original Swaddle ($34.99)

Eventually we moved on to an "arms down" swaddle, as she could still move around quite a bit in the "arms up" swaddle. This one from SWADDLEME was by far the best swaddle for keeping her arms secure inside, and she only managed to "break out" of it a handful of times. It's so much easier to use than a classic swaddle, I wish we bought it sooner.

Buy it here: SWADDLEME Original Swaddle ($34.99)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

KYTE BABY Sleep Sack ($50)

Tieneke introduced these super soft and cozy sleep sacks to me from KYTE BABY, and they are heavenly! Once the little one is showing signs of wanting to roll over, it's absolutely necessary for them to sleep with their arms out and not swaddled anymore. I have three that I switch out regularly, as she takes all of her naps in them and of course also her night sleep. Highly recommend these!

Buy it here: KYTE BABY Sleep Sack ($50)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

KYTE BABY Zippered Footie ($33)

Really, KYTE BABYy can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to their products! Not only do we love the sleep sacks, their bamboo bodysuits and footie pajamas are to die for; incredibl soft, lightweight and breathable! The zippered footie pajamas are amazing, as they have dual zippers, so changing diapers is so much easier. I also adore all the colors they come in! These have been our favorite pajamas for Rumi, and now that it's getting warmer we have purchased a few short sleeve bodysuits, too.

Buy it here: KYTE BABY Zippered Footie ($$33)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

BIBS Pacifier ($7.99)

Thank goodness Rumi took a pacifier quite enthusiastically, because it has been so useful at soothing her for sleep. I tried a few different ones, but she only wanted the ones from BIBS (thank goodness, because the colors are so cute!). I think she likes it because it's very lightweight and it has a slight bulb at the end of the nipple so it stays in her mouth better after she's fallen asleep.

Buy it here: BIBS Pacifier ($7.99)


Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

TAKING CARA BABIES First Five Months Bundle ($99)

I had been following TakingCaraBabies on Instagram for baby sleep advice and tips, and found it so incredibly useful for those first few weeks when The Husband and I were trying to figure out this whole new baby sleep thing. I eventually decided to purchase the "First Five Months Bundle" and we binge-watched it every chance we got! We learned so much and it helped us immensely in creating better sleep habits for Rumi which would set her up for success when she's ready for full-on sleep training. So far we've watched the newborn "Will I Ever Sleep Again?" and the "Navigating Months 3 & 4" courses, and we're planning on watching the "ABCs of Sleep" when she hits five months, so that we can start sleep training.

Buy it here: TAKING CARA BABIES First Five Months Bundle ($99)

I would love to know which baby sleep time items and products you've loved and would recommend to new parents!



Baby Sleep Time Favorites | A Style Alike

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