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Best of 2018: Top 10 Posts That Made You Click

Happy New Year, friends!

It's officially 2019; how did this happen!? Where is the time going!? 2018 was such an amazing year for us! It's quite astounding (and exciting) to see how our blog has grown this past year, and we have been welcoming so many new readers lately. Hello, hello, and welcome to A STYLE ALIKE! Before we jump into 2019 with full force, let's take a look back at 2018, and see which posts you guys enjoyed the most.

Here are A STYLE ALIKE's Best of 2018, and the posts that made you click!


Fierce Females in Taipei: Meet Leslie of TAIPEI FOODIE

In 2018 we came up with the idea for a new series on our blog. We wanted a space where we could celebrate and support the many amazing women in Taipei; from entrepreneurs to athletes, artists to academics, social media mavens and all-around bad-ass ladies. "Fierce Females in Taipei" was born. So far we have interviewed and featured three inspiring ladies. of which Leslie (the lady behind the super popular Instagram account, @taipeifoodie) was one. All of our features in this series have been very well received by our readers, and this post of us interviewing Leslie was our tenth most-read post in 2018. Read her full feature here.


The 6 BEST BAG TRENDS of Spring/Summer 2018

2018 was such a fabulous year for fashion and accessories! We loved most of the trends, and especially lusted after a few gorgeous bags. Even though summer 2018 is long gone, many of these bag trends are still going strong, and will surely stay on the scene for summer 2019. Did you purchase a new bag last year? See the full post here.


BENEFIT Agent W Tea Time @ W Taipei

The friendly folk over at W Taipei is always so generous in inviting us to special events they are hosting at the hotel. In 2018, we were delighted to join in for a tea time event with makeup brand, Benefit, and W Taipei. We got to sip on delicious pink drinks, indulge in pretty desserts, and enjoy an afternoon of sitting poolside and getting tipsy. See more photos, and read all about our experience, in this blog post here.


A Guide to Penghu 澎湖

Even though we posted quite a few travel guides in the past year, A Guide to Penghu 澎湖 was the one you guys clicked on the most. I really can't recommend visiting this small island just off the coast of Taiwan enough; it's so easy to get to, and it's completely unspoiled. If you need a quick getaway from the busy city life in Taiwan, Penghu is a super quick flight (or ferry ride) away. See our full guide here, and save it for your future trip.



We really had no shortage of cafe recommendations in 2018, and our post of FOMO COFFEE was very popular with you guys. We still highly recommend this coffee shop in the Zhongxiao Dunhau area of Taipei; their coffees are absolutely delicious and you'll definitely be able to get a few Insta-worthy pics at their simple, but beautiful, location. See more photos and our full post here.


Our Eyebrows Microblading Experience

It seems like a lot of you were very curious about microblading, and learning more about this semi-permanent tattooed eyebrows procedure. Not only was this our 5th most clicked on article of 2018, we also received countless emails from you guys asking us more details about our experience. I honestly can't recommend microblading enough. If you've always had sparse or uneven eyebrows, this is THE treatment for you. Find out where we got microblading done in Taipei, see weekly photos of the healing process, and read every detail of our experience here.


The 5 BEST Coffee Shops in Taipei

Okay, by now it's pretty clear to us how popular our Taipei cafe posts are with our readers. In this article, we shared 5 of the best coffee shops we have tried out in Taipei. See which cafes made our list here. Have you tried all of them?


Taipei Cafe & Restaurant Directory

It's no secret that we love eating (and drinking) our way around Taipei, and since we started this blog in 2017 we have visited quite a few cafes and restaurants. This past year we came up with the idea to categorize all of these posts to make it easier for you to navigate. Not only do we list every single restaurant and cafe we have visited alphabetically, we have also categorized them according to which MRT station it's the closest to, in which district in Taipei it is, and we've listed them under categories such as "Brunch", "Outdoor Seating", "Coffee", "Bakeries & Desserts", "Shared Workspaces" and "Vegan/Vegetarian". Save this post if you'd like to discover some new eateries in Taipei, we update it all the time! See our directory here.


Drunk Cafe 爛醉咖啡

Drunk Cafe 爛醉咖啡 is probably the most Instagrammable restaurant we visited in 2018; with its eclectic decor and dome-like sun room, it seems like every inch of this place was created to be worthy of an Instagram post. But, not only is the interior and exterior absolutely gorgeous, the food and drinks are amazing, too! If you haven't had a chance to visit this restaurant, we highly recommend you get a few friends together and go check it out. See more photos and our full post here.


10 Insta-Worthy Cafes In Taipei

Talking about Instagram, our number one post of 2018 was our collection of 10 Insta-Worthy Cafes in Taipei. Nowadays, it seems that most restaurants and cafes understand that you can't just have good food and drinks anymore; your interior, exterior and decor must be on point, too. Lucky for us, here in Taipei we are spoiled for choice when it comes to "Insta-worthy" cafes, and we'll be bringing out an updated list of Instagrammable cafes and restaurants, soon. Have you visited (and taken photos at) all of these places? Have a look at our list here.

What was your favorite post of 2018? Did it make this list? Let us know! If you're new here, you can also have a look at our most popular posts of 2017. Thanks for the clicks, the likes, the shares, the comments and the support in 2018! We are very much looking forward to 2019, and will work hard to continue bringing you interesting and beautiful content. As always, we love hearing from you, so feel free to get in touch with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email. We appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions!

We wish you a wonderful 2019!

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