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8 Most-Worn Jewelry Pieces

I'm quite a simple gal when it comes to jewelry and accessories, and I'm usually drawn to uncomplicated, delicate and classic pieces. For the past few years, I've been trying to purchase more quality and timeless items that will last me years, instead of just a season, and I think I've built up quite a good and wearable collection. Tieneke and I often get asked about the jewelry we are wearing in our photos, so I decided to dedicate a post to sharing my most worn pieces with all of you and where you can get your hands on them.


CLUSE Minuit Mesh Watch

CLUSE Minuit Mesh watch ($114)

I've had this watch for quite a while and it's one of my favorites! (I bet you've spotted it on MANY of my photos!). Not only is it very feminine and classic, it's lightweight and goes with basically all of my outfits. Mine is in gold with a white dial, but it is also available in rose gold, silver, black and more colorways. You can also get a leather strap, which means you'll have even more colors to choose from. See a full review of our CLUSE watches here.

Get the CLUSE Minuit Mesh watch here ($114)


RELIQUIA Mini Lucky Coin Pendant Necklace

RELIQUIA Mini Lucky Coin Pendant necklace ($23)

Gold disc necklaces have been very popular the past few years, and it doesn't look like the trend is going anywhere soon; there are many brands creating beautiful ones! I've had this affordable coin pendant necklace from Reliquia for more than two years, and even though it's 18k gold-filled, it has yet to start showing any signs of wear. This necklace is great year-round, whether wearing it with a casual t-shirt, swimsuit or even over a sweater.

Get the RELIQUIA Mini Lucky Coin Pendant necklace here ($23)


DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Sheffield Watch

DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Sheffield watch ($199)

I literally wore my original Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch (with the white dial) to death, and knew I'd get a lot of wear out of the black one, too. This watch is such a timeless piece, and it is always the one I recommend to friends and family. It's available in many different colorways like gold, silver, rose gold and black. It's also very simple to switch between different straps, so if you get a few straps, you can easily match the watch to your outfit.

Get the DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Sheffield watch here ($199)



MICHI LIANG Delila ring ($72)

Talented local Taiwanese jewelry designer, Michi Liang, designs the most beautiful collections of simple and gorgeous fine jewelry. I'm obsessed with her work and absolutely love the Delila ring. (It's simple, but still has that extra somethin'-somethin' which makes it so special!). The band is 18k gold-plated, combined with a cheeky pearl; such a unique and lovely design!

Get the MICHI LIANG Delila ring here ($72)



ROSEFIELD The Ace watch ($135)

This watch is a fairly recent addition to my collection, but I've already fallen head over heals for it. I was in the market for a gold and silver combination watch, and The Ace was exactly what I was looking for. I love that I can pair both silver and gold jewelry with it, which makes it even more wearable. The watch looks heavy and expensive, but it's actually pretty light and doesn't break the bank. This watch is also available in other colors like rose gold, silver and gold.

Get the ROSEFIELD The Ace watch here ($135)


VRAI & ORO Bar Bracelet

VRAI & ORO Solid Gold Bar bracelet ($335)

The Husband got me this beautiful 14k solid gold bar bracelet for our 5-year wedding anniversary at the beginning of February, and I haven't taken it off since. Apart from my engagement and wedding rings, this engraved bracelet is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. This is so my style; simple, timeless, comfortable and elegant. I noticed recently that VRAI & ORO will be discontinuing a bunch of their most popular designs, including this one, so if you are interested in getting it, don't wait too long to order it. I absolutely adore this brand and I know I'll be purchasing more of their pieces in the future.

Get the VRAI & ORO Solid Gold Bar bracelet here ($335)


VITA FEDE Mini Titan Bracelet

VITA FEDE Mini Titan bracelet ($170)

Another bracelet that I'm in love with, is the Mini Titan bracelet by Vita Fede. Tieneke and I both wear our bracelets all the time, and we've dedicated an entire blog post to it a couple of years ago; check it out here. In the post we cover everything from sizing, color combinations, how we wear it, and where you can purchase one. It's definitely a statement piece, and we always get compliments when wearing it.

Get the VITA FEDE Mini Titan bracelet here ($170)


MARIA PASCUAL Small Horn Necklace

MARIA PASCUAL Small Horn necklace ($45)

I purchased this iconic and affordable handmade necklace by Spanish designer, Maria Pascual, when horn necklaces were all the rage. I thought I'd be over this piece by now, but I still catch myself reaching for it all the time. I usually layer it with my gold coin necklace, and many times combine the two on the same chain. I've been wearing this necklace for more than two years and it's still in tip-top condition. The horn on this necklace is small and dainty, but there is a bigger size available of it, too.

Get the MARIA PASCUAL Small Horn necklace here ($45)

Which piece from my collection is your favorite?

Please tell us more about your most-worn jewelry, too!

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