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Fashion Favorites for Fall 2017

Fall Fashion Favorites 2017

Taiwan is yet to receive the memo that it's officially fall, but that has not stopped me from getting all giddy about cooler weather, daydreaming about wearing cozy layers, and of course, adding some more classic fall fashion items to my wardrobe. Even though I'm more of a stick-to-the-classics kinda gal, I have to admit that I'm quite excited about a few of this year's fall trends.

Over the past few years, I've been trying to invest in more high quality wardrobe staples which I can wear for years to come. Eventually I would like to have a wardrobe filled with timeless pieces, and then just add a handful of more affordable and fun trendy seasonal items to my closet every year. For example, last year a classic black leather jacket, a white silk button-up shirt, suede ankle boots and a few pairs of iconic ballet flats to made its way into my collection, and because I spend a little more on those things, they are still in tip-top shape and I'll be wearing them again this year (and next year, and the year after that...). On the other hand, when it comes to trends, I tend to not spend too much money on those items, especially if I know I'll only be wearing them for one season.

Okay, so let's get to the good stuff, shall we! Here are the items that we consider to be fall classics worth investing in, and also some more affordable options. Make your choice; INVEST or go for the more AFFORDABLE option!


GUCCI Jordaan Loafers

Last year we saw the rise of The Leather Loafer and I'm delighted to see that it has carried over to this year. I literally can't open a magazine, or read a fall fashion article online, without the loafer being mentioned. The star of the show has been these sleek ones from GUCCI, but leather loafers in all forms, colors and embellishments have been super popular. I totally understand why, because they are comfortable, super chic, and compliments the menswear-for-women trend perfectly. I feel a good pair of black leather loafers are definitely worth investing in, as they are classic and timeless, and will go with most of your outfits. It's also quite easy to find a great pair, no matter your budget.

Yasss girl, I'm INVESTING in a pair of these GUCCI Jordaan loafers this year! $695

Nah, it's just a trend! I'll check out a more AFFORDABLE option. $56


ANINE BING Madeleine Blazer

Check blazers are definitely having their moment this year, and I do love me a good blazer, so I'm totally on board with this. There are many shapes and styles available, but my favorite look is the slightly over-sized, long-line ones, worn over a casual white t-shirt with jeans. I don't want to spend too much on one, so I've been searching the shops for a more affordable version of this one by ANINE BING, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Yeah baby! I'm INVESTING in this ANINE BING Madeleine blazer, it's one of kind! $349

Nope, I just want an AFFORDABLE check blazer to keep up with this season's trend. $59


EVERLANE Boyfriend Jeans

Every year there is a different trend in jeans, and this year I'm especially fond of the slimmer (and slightly more high-rise) version of the ever-so-popular boyfriend jeans, aptly named "girlfriend jeans". This fitted version is much more flattering, but still has that casual-cool vibe going on. I'm currently coveting an off-white pair from EVERLANE's new denim range, and can already imagine wearing them with all of my over-sized sweaters, and quite possibly that check blazer I've been searching for.

Ooh! I'm INVESTING in this exact pair of EVERLANE Modern Boyfriend jeans, for sure! $68

I think I'll go for a more AFFORDABLE pair of white "girlfriend jeans". $29



When it comes to jewelry, I'm definitely a less-is-more kinda gal. I like my pieces to be simple, minimal and timeless. But this year I really fell in love with the statement earrings trend; I adore the look of a simple outfit, juiced up with some over-sized earrings. That said, I'm still me and I can't see myself pulling of a crazy pair of earrings. I do, however, definitely feel like I will be adding some more (and bigger) gold earrings to my accessories collection. I especially love the thicker gold hoop ones, like this pair from RELIQUIA JEWELLERY, which are still true to my style, but also a little more on trend for this year.

Gorgeous! I want to INVEST in these high quality 18ct gold filled RELIQUIA JEWELLERY 80's Earrings. $219

Pretty, but I'm not sure. Show me a more AFFORDABLE option. $24


EVERLANE Cashmere Crew Sweater

I'll take a cashmere crew-neck sweater in each color, please! This is one of those pieces that is absolutely worth investing in, as it's a timeless classic. Last year Tieneke got a beautiful one from EQUIPMENT, which is super soft and she raves about it. The good news is that nowadays, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get your piece of the cashmere pie; companies like EVERLANE and GRANA sell them for under $100 (okay, so maybe just an arm... or a leg). A cashmere sweater is soft, luxurious and durable and you'll be wearing it for years. And, they are perfect to layer under jackets, blazers and coats in the cooler months.

Only the best for me! I'm INVESTING in the EQUIPMENT Sloane cashmere crew sweater. $268

Ahhh! Show me something a little more AFFORDABLE, please. $99


ACNE STUDIOS Canada Wool Scarf

Okay, so now I’m venturing more into the end-of-fall-going-into-winter territory. I love myself a good scarf, and the bigger the better. Tieneke and I are both obsessed with our ACNE STUDIOS Canada scarves; they are humongous, and so cozy and warm. (Read our full review of these scarves here!) They come in an array of colors, and also in a narrower size if you feel like you might drown in the original 200cm x 70cm sea of soft wool. We highly recommend investing in one that you'll be able to wear for years to come!

Perfect! I've been thinking of INVESTING in an ACNE STUDIOS Canada scarf for ages, and you have convinced me! $180

I want one! Is there a more AFFORDABLE option? $67

Let us know which fall fashion items you're excited about this season, and also which ones you have decided to invest in!

- Get the GUCCI Jordaan loafers here

- Get the ANINE BING Madeleine blazer here

- Get the EVERLANE Modern Boyfriend jeans here

- Get the RELIQUIA JEWELLERY 80's Earrings here

- Get the EQUIPMENT Sloane Cashmere Crew sweater here

- Get the ACNE STUDIOS Canada scarf here


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