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Pregnancy Wardrobe Essentials & Outfit Ideas | Non-Maternity

If the term "maternity clothes" makes you shudder, you've come to the right place. I've been hesitant in buying any form of maternity wear since becoming pregnant, and have added only items to my wardrobe that could be used throughout pregnancy AND after. Think jogger pants, oversized sweaters, wrap dresses, cozy cardigans, comfy bralettes, and more! Just because there's a baby on the way does not mean I have to sacrifice my own personal style, am I right?

Below you can see my top pregnancy essentials that I've been wearing; all non-maternity brands that have accommodated my growing bump these past 9 months, and that I will continue wearing after my baby arrives. Also, see how I've been mixing and matching all of my essentials in 9 chic pregnancy outfits.


One of my favorite, and most-worn items during pregnancy, was a pair of Lululemon Align leggings. It’s buttery soft and grows with your bump, shrinking right back to its original size after your pregnant belly goes away. It’s quite pricey for a pair of leggings, but seeing as you can wear it before, during, AND after pregnancy, it’s well worth the investment, and it’s SUPER comfy. The snug fit also offers great belly support after delivery.

Buy it here.


I can't imagine having gone through my pregnancy without my beloved cardigans, and having them in my closet made getting dressed super easy. I got one in grey and black so I could rotate wearing them, and paired them with leggings or trousers, a t-shirt, and a pair of white sneakers for a casual yet chic OOTD.

Buy it here.


If you’re like me and don’t wish to spend money on a bunch of oversized bras that you’re probably never going to wear again, rather invest in a few pairs of stretchy bralettes or sport bras. Throughout my pregnancy I continued wearing my Calvin Klein bralettes during the day as well as at nighttime, and after pregnancy I’ll continue wearing them and also use them as nursing bras. They’re stretchy and amazingly comfortable, and come in different colors so you can rotate.

Buy it here.


On a shopping spree at Zara, when I first started looking for bump-appropriate clothes, I discovered these holy grail, non-maternity pants that I wore throughout my pregnancy right up until month 9 (After then things got a little tight). These pants have an elastic band at the back, which allows it to stretch as your bump grows, making them ideal if you’re not looking into buying actual maternity pants.

Buy it here.


Another easy-to-wear and stylish option during pregnancy are wrap dresses; it’s easy to throw on when you literally don’t have the energy to think about what to wear.

Buy similar style dress here.


A closet staple that’s easy to pair with other pregnancy essentials, such as wrap dresses and skirts, is a denim jacket, and it’s one of the pieces that I wore right up until the end. It can also be worn with leggings or joggers, making your look less sporty and more put-together.

Buy a similar jacket here.


It might sound silly, but trust me, you need a scarf in your pregnancy wardrobe (especially if you’re having a winter pregnancy!). It’s a stylish bump accessory that can make getting dressed so much easier, especially when shirts start pulling up due to your ever expanding bump.

Buy it here.


You can't go through pregnancy without a pair (or two) of comfy jogger pants, trust me! I discovered these ultra-soft knit joggers at Zara and loved wearing them both at home and also when we went out.

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Another great non-maternity option are oversized sweaters which keeps your bump warm during the cooler months, right up to the end of pregnancy. I often wore these with my skirt, jogger pants or leggings, and can continue wearing them post-pregnancy.

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You wouldn’t think that a midi-skirt would actually fit over a bump, but trust me, it can go right over quite easily if you wear it above your bump and put it on over you head (It’s not going to fit if you try and put it on from under, over your legs). I've been wearing this skirt right up until the end of my pregnancy, and paired it with my cozy sweaters or a t-shirt and denim jacket.

Buy it here.


No need to buy maternity pajamas if you can get your hands on these ultra stretchy, buttery soft pajamas by Eberjey. I bought these before I was pregnant and have continued wearing them right until the end of my pregnancy. The button-down top is ideal for breastfeeding as well, and the soft material will have both you and baby cozy and comfortable.

Buy it here.


Treat yourself and buy something new and pretty to wear on date nights, or to any special occasions you have before the baby arrives. I bought this beautiful floral dress for my baby shower, and because of the stretchy material, I could buy it in my regular size and can still wear it for years (and pregnancies) to come.

Buy it here.


Another pregnancy essential that’s quite versatile, and also flattering for a baby bump, is a classic blazer. Easy to wear and pair with just about any outfit (even leggings), and it will easily take your outfit from day to night.

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