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AVENUE Fast Casual Eatery | Taipei Restaurant

If there is one restaurant that we ALWAYS recommend to our friends and visitors in Taipei, it's Sugar Pea. So you can imagine our excitement when we learned that the team from Sugar Pea recently opened a brand new "fast casual eatery" in the heart of Taipei's Daan District (right across the street from Carnegie's.) We couldn't wait to get on down there (literally, because you have to take an escalator down to the plaza where the restaurant is located) and get our hands (and mouths) on some quality comfort food!

As you take the elevator down from the sidewalk to the restaurant, you leave the noisy urban jungle behind and find yourself in an oasis of sorts. The restaurant has a huge outdoor seating area, which is covered by a glass ceiling. Streams of natural light flows through this sunroof, and it also means that you can sit outside even when it rains (so cozy!). There are a number of small tables outside, and indoors you'll find big tables that are perfect for groups.

The vibe of AVENUE is super casual and laid-back, and thanks to the friendly staff that warmly greeted us when we entered, we immediately felt welcome and relaxed. The environment is very chill, and it feels like a place where you can hang out with your friends for hours. You make your order at the counter and pay up front, so you don't feel rushed to decide on what you want to eat, and can go place your order at your own pace. Believe me, it's not easy deciding on what to eat, because they have an incredible variety of mouthwatering comfort food options; pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, dessert, cocktails, beer, coffees, and and and.. On top of that, they offer unique "small bites" like American-style Classic Mini Corn Dogs and East Coast Shrimp Rolls. You can take a look at the menu below!


It wasn't easy choosing what we wanted to try on our first visit to AVENUE, but we eventually decided on the Prosciutto Arugula pizza (we chose the small size), an order of the Grilled Veggies & Stracciatella, the Classic Mini Corn Dogs, and flavored lattes. The food was served very fast, and we couldn't wait to dig into those greasy American-style corn dogs! They were delicious, and the star of that dish for us was the accompanying curry sauce; absolutely delightful!

We devoured the pizza, too; the size was just right, and the no-fuss toppings (mozzarella, red onions, arugula, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, basil and lemon) were the perfect combination for a simple, yet absolutely yummy pizza! We gobbled up the grilled veggies, too; the medley of zucchini, egg plant, peppers, red onion, tomato, basil, arugula and creamy Stracciatella cheese was so tasty! (You can really tell the difference when a restaurant uses high quality ingredients!). Our flavored lattes were the perfect sweet treat at the end of our meal, although I wish we also had more space for dessert, because I was eyeing their gooey Chocolate Smores Cupcakes, for sure.

AVENUE did not disappoint, and we are delighted that we can add another must-visit restaurant to our list of recommendations for friend and visitors in Taipei! We urge you to get on down there and try their delicious dishes for yourself. The environment is really so relaxed, and the food is great, you can't go wrong. We are already planning on going back and trying more dishes, come and join us!

Business Hours: Open daily from 11:30AM to 8:30PM

Phone: 02 2708 1908

Nearest MRT: MRT Xinyi Anhe (Red Line)

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/avenuetaipei/

Address: B1F No, No. 92, Section 2, Anhe Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

B1F No, No. 92安和路二段大安區台北市106 (Google Maps)

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