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The Best WESTERN Breakfasts in Taipei

The Best Western Breakfasts in Taipei l Taipei Cafes l Restaurants l A Style Alike

I've yet to meet someone who doesn't love a good ol' breakfast, and today we're dedicating an entire post to our favorite meal of the day (so be prepared to drool!). In Taipei it's often hard to find a decent western breakfast, and we all know how that craving can kick in after a night on the town... Well, to cure those hangover blues and to help you find the most drool-worthy breakfasts in Taipei, we've made a list of the best western breakfasts in the city (you can thank us later!). You can also scroll down further to see which other popular breakfast spots in Taipei we recommend.

Queen’s Platter @ The Antipodean

The Antipodean l Taipei Cafe l A Style Alike l Food.jpg

This is by far the BEST western breakfast in Taipei, and it's the one we recommend to ALL our friends. The Queen's Platter is a mouthwatering mix of delicious breakfast goodies such as halloumi cheese, avocado, sourdough bread, salmon, oats, yogurt, and more! We dedicated an entire post to this heavenly breakfast platter, you can read more about that (and all the other breakfasts The Antipodean offers) below.

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The Avocado Brunch Set @ The Whale

The Whale l Best Western Breakfast l Taipei Cafe

Another breakfast spot we love (and HIGHLY recommend) is The Whale, a lovely little cafe located near Daan Park. Their Avocado Brunch Set is what dreams are made of (if you're as obsessed with avocado as we are, you'll understand!) and it's another one of our favorite western breakfasts in Taipei. The Whale's prices are quite affordable compared to some other restaurants and cafes in the city, and they also serve some GIGANTIC lattes.

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Bacon, Egg & Cheese Pancake Taco @ Sugar Pea

Western Breakfast Taipei l Taipei Cafe l Sugar pea l A Style Alike

Not quite a "classic" western breakfast and your typical plate of bacon, eggs, and toast, but this delicious bowl of heaven was just TOO good not to share. These are possibly the softest pancakes I've eaten (EVER!), and the heavenly combination of scrambled eggs, bacon & chives, and smoky chili maple syrup, makes it one of THE best western breakfasts in Taipei. We keep going back for more!

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Little Big Brekkie @ Little Creatures

Best WESTERN Breakfasts in Taipei l A Style Alike

The Little Big Brekkie at Little Creatures is another drool-worthy breakfast in Taipei that we LOVE! It comes with avocado, eggs, mushrooms, roasted tomato, Halloumi, chorizo and freshly baked bread... Just what the doctor order! If you're not yet convinced, they also serve some other mouthwatering breakfasts like their popular Smashed Avocado On Toast With Poached Egg...yet another reason to go!

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Classic Breakfast @ Toasteria

Best Western Breakfasts Taipei l A Style Alike l Taipei Cafe

I still find myself daydreaming (or should I rather say drooling...) over this hearty breakfast we had at Toasteria a little while ago. This beautifully presented, traditional western breakfast includes toast, bacon, eggs and fries, served with some yogurt and pickles on the side. It's as classic (and delicious!) as it gets!

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Salmon and Avocado Eggs Benedict with Potatoes O'Brien and Salad @ The Diner

Western Breakfast Taipei l The Diner l Taipei Restaurant l A Style Alike

If you live in Taipei and you haven't been to theDiner, you're missing out BIG TIME! Famous for their typical American diner-style breakfasts, you can get anything from classic eggs and bacon to Eggs Benedict, pancakes, omelettes, French toast, cereals, acai bowls and many, many more. The Salmon and Avocado Eggs Benedict is absolutely delicious and definitely the BEST eggs benedict we've had in Taipei.

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To see what other popular WESTERN BREAKFAST SPOTS in Taipei we recommend, scroll down and have a look!


JB's Diner

JB's Diner (A Style Alike)

Another must-visit restaurant in Taipei that offers diner-style breakfasts is JB's Diner in Tianmu. They serve classic breakfasts, pancakes, sandwiches, milkshakes, pasta and burgers and more, in a beautifully designed space that's perfect for a brunch with friends.

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The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is always a good idea... isn't it? They offer daily buffet breakfasts (or champagne brunch!) on the 10th floor of The W Hotel in Taipei (Outdoor seating is available, too!). If you've been looking for a spot to enjoy a boozy brunch, this is the place to go!

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BRUN Cafe Taipei l Western Breakfast

BRUN不然 is conveniently located right around the corner from popular book store Eslite by the Renai circle, and opens daily at 7am to start serving their DE-licious breakfasts. We recommend the Scrambled Eggs (Australian Style) as a classic western option, or the French Toast with Strawberries if you have a sweet tooth like we do.

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Anywhere Cafe

Anywhere Cafe l Taipei Cafe l A Style Alike

Another spot known for their yummy breakfasts is Anywhere Cafe, a travel-inspired cafe near Xingtian Temple MRT Station where you can enjoy a laid-back breakfast surrounded by travel memorabilia, decorative greens and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. We recommend ordering the San Francisco and Avocado Sourdough breakfast, or the Belgian Waffle with Bacon & Sunny-Side Up Egg!

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More Recommendations: Carnegie's Taipei, ON TAP, SPOT Taipei, Second Floor Cafe, N.Y. Bagels Cafe

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The Best Western Breakfasts in Taipei l Taipei Cafes l Restaurants l A Style Alike

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