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HALOA Poke 夏威夷拌飯 | Taipei Restaurant

With the Spring-like weather we've been having in Taipei recently, I've found myself more drawn to fresh, light meals. Poke bowls have been one of my go-to's for a light and nutritious (but also filling and satisfying) lunch, and I recently tried out HALOA Poke for the first time. Located just a few minutes' walk from the NTU Hospital MRT station (exit 4 to be exact), is this simple and bright little restaurant offering the popular Hawaiian dish, poke. If you don't already know, poke (pronounced "poke-ay") means to slice or cut in Hawaiian, and refers to the bite-sized cubes of raw fish (traditionally Ahi tuna) that is the essence of the meal.

Haloa Poke is quite small and only offers a few seats, but I noticed that most people got their orders to-go and that those who did dine in, didn't spend too much time hanging around, so even if they look very busy, you probably wouldn't have to wait too long. You make your order as you enter, and they efficiently whip up your bowl in just a few minutes. Complimentary water and tea is available to all patrons, too.

At first glance, ordering can seem a little intimidating (it's a 5-step process), but it's actually super simple and straightforward; first you choose the base (rice, salad or half-half), and then you select your toppings. At HALOA Poke you can choose 5 (you can add more for an extra fee) from a selection of veggies, and also egg and quinoa. Step 3 is choosing your preferred protein; tuna, salmon, chicken, shrimp or tofu. After that you pick a sauce and then finally your choice of sesame, nuts or other toppings. At each step you have the option to add more, of course at a small extra fee. Check out their menu below, including the options for each step.


For my bowl, I got brown rice as the base with edamame, carrot, corn, broccoli, cucumber, red cabbage and tomato. Strangely they don't have avocado as a topping, but they do have what they call "The Chef's Avocado Sauce", which is a generous scoop of what looks like guacamole. For protein I ordered tofu and topped it off with the sesame sauce and seaweed.

Our order was ready within a couple of minutes, and the portion size was perfect for me; I felt comfortably full afterwards. If you're super hungry, I'd suggest you add more rice and toppings. Even though I saw online some people complaining about the prices, I thought it was reasonable for the fresh and nutritious ingredients.

I absolutely loved my bowl for a healthy, light and nutritious lunch. Obviously I didn't have the traditional bowl with tuna this time, and thus cannot comment on the quality of that, but I think HALOA Poke is definitely worth a try when you find yourself in that area, or if you're on the hunt for your personal favorite poke place in Taipei!

Business Hours: Daily from 11:30AM to 3PM and 5PM to 8PM

Nearest MRT: MRT NTU Hospital Station (Red Line)

Phone Number: 02 2388 3555

Facebook Page: facebook.com/haloapoke/

Address: No. 25號, Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

100台北市中正區南陽街25號 (Google Maps)

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