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光景 Scene Select | Taipei Cafe

I recently found myself with some time to kill while waiting for something at IKEA (the one near Taipei Arena MRT) and decided to find a cafe in the neighborhood. Luckily, I was in Taipei's cafe hot spot, Songshan District, and popped into 光景 Scene Select nearby. They must have renovated the space (not sure when), because I remember seeing photos online of the place a while ago and it looked much different, and I think it was also called 光景 Scene Homeware previously. (Or is that a different place? Not totally sure.) Anywho, they definitely did a beautiful job with the renovation and the space looks amazing and very inviting; the perfect spot to kill some time or do some work while enjoying a nibble and a coffee.

The space has a sophisticated, modern and kind of moody feel, and plenty of seating options. As you enter there are some comfy diner-style booths and a few small tables on your left. In the back, you'll see the impressive bar (with some bar seating), and on the right side of the cafe are more small tables and desk-style work spaces (with lamps and charging stations). We were lucky to get a booth, as the place was quite packed on a weekday afternoon.

Although the cafe was busy, it wasn't noisy and the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. I noticed that they sell coffee beans and brewing equipment. too. Their menu consists mostly of imported coffees, some teas, a few alcoholic beverages (including beer), some light meals, and dessert. I ordered a latte and The Husband got an iced tea. We also shared a slice of lemon cheesecake. You can see their full menu below.

光景 Scene Select MENU

Latte (140nt)

Selected Dessert - Lemon Cheesecake (180nt)

Scene Select is a lovely cafe and perfect to spend a lazy (or productive) afternoon. Their coffee is outstanding and the dessert fresh and absolutely delicious. It's definitely a good place to get some work done, or to meet up with a friend. We highly recommend it when you're in the neighborhood.

Business Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 11:30AM to 9PM

Sundays 11:30AM to 7:30PM

Closed on Wednesdays

Nearest MRT: MRT Taipei Arena (Green Line)

Phone Number: 02 2716 0263

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/scene.tw/

Website: shop.scene-select.com

Address: No. 11-1號, Jiankang Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 10581

10581台北市松山區健康路11-1號 (Google Maps)

If you'd like us to visit your restaurant or cafe in Taipei, CONTACT US at hello@astylealike.com to receive our media kit and to discuss collaboration options. We'd love to hear from you, and are open to your ideas.

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