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7 Taipei Brunch Spots with Outdoor Seating

The window of opportunity to dine (comfortably) outside in Taipei is upon us, people! In the spirit of it being spring and absolutely lovely and sunny on most days, we decided to throw together a list of brunch spots in Taipei where you can dine alfresco. I don't know about you, but there's just something so incredibly enjoyable about having your meal outside on a patio, terrace or balcony; it kinda gives that holiday feeling, don't you think? Alfresco dining spots in Taipei are few and far between, but we've been sniffing them out over the years and we believe that sharing is caring. Here are a few of our favorite cafes and restaurants in Taipei with outdoor seating options.


AVENUE Fast Casual Eatery

AVENUE Fast Casual Eatery is in Daan District (just across the street from Carnegie's) and has a humongous outdoor seating area. A great thing about their outdoor area is that it is actually covered (with a transparent ceiling), so even when it's raining, you can still "sit outside" and enjoy the natural light. Their menu is filled with delicious offerings (including mini corn dogs!) and plenty more. See more photos and their full menu on our review here.


Costumice Cafe

Costumice Cafe is a well-known alfresco dining option in Taipei's Zhongxiao Duhua MRT area. Big trees (and umbrellas) offer shade from the sun, and the cafe has a lovely, cozy and laid-back vibe. They have a few brunch options and, most importantly, sparking wine! Have a look at our post here.


Herban Kitchen & Bar 二本餐廳

Herban Kitchen & Bar 二本餐廳 offers a great selection of vegetarian-friendly brunch options, and they have some tables outside. There is one table towards the side of the restaurant which is perfect for bigger groups (and has more privacy) and a few smaller tables out in the front, too. This outside area is covered, so even if it's raining you can still sit outside and enjoy a lazy brunch. Read our full review over here.


URBN Culture

URBN Culture is well-known for their mouthwatering vegetarian dishes and craft beer, but another big plus of this restaurant is their spacious outdoor seating area. The outside patio in front of the restaurant can sit quite a few people, and this time of the year (when it's not THAT hot yet) it's the perfect place to chill out, stuff your face, and have a sneaky drink. Read more details in our full post here.


Xiang Se 香色

Xiang Se 香色 is a gem of a restaurant that we find ourselves recommending to friends all the time. Their spacious outdoor dining area (which is sheltered from the street and passersby), offers tables for bigger groups, but also smaller ones for a more intimate experience. The rustic design and decoration gives the outdoor area such a unique and cozy feel. You can view their full menu and more photos here.


The Antipodean

The Antipodean seems to be on every list we make, and we highly recommend this awesome brunch spot! Although they only have about three (maybe four?) tables outside, it's totally worth waiting for one. The cafe is in a quiet alley, and the outside patio is adorned with plants and decorative pieces. Don't even get us started on their spectacular brunch and coffee options! Check out our visits to The Antipodean here and here.


The Kitchen Table @ W Taipei

The Kitchen Table @ W Taipei might just be our favorite place for an alfresco boozy brunch! Round up a group of friends, reserve a table outside overlooking their gorgeous pool, and opt for the free-flowing sparkling wine option. We've done this so many times, and have always had a memorable experience! See more photos and read all the details of The Kitchen Table here and here.

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Let us know if there are other cafes and restaurants you can recommend for their good food and awesome outdoor dining spaces; we want to try them out while the weather still allows it!

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