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Liesl and I love our Saturday rituals; eating our way around the Insta-worthy cafes of Taipei, indulging in decorated lattes, catching up and enjoying the beautiful interiors around us. However, we also love going back to our old favorites, such as the restaurants we pop in to for lunch during the week, meet up with friends over the weekend, or sometimes even have delivered right on our doorstep (Thanks UberEats!). And it’s not all about the interior here, and that’s okay, ‘cause they make up with their delicious food, good wine, and affordable prices. Let me introduce you to one of our favorite eateries in Taipei, Sababa Pita Bar.

Sababa Pita Bar is a Middle-Eastern style restaurant located in the Gongguan area, in an alley right off Rooseveldt Road and across from Taida University, making it the ideal spot for students to take a break and enjoy a healthy and affordable meal. It’s a small and intimate space, decorated with traditional Middle-Eastern inspired patterns and details, creating a warm and cozy ambiance to wine and dine in. It gets quite busy over the weekends, especially on Sundays, so it’s best to reserve a table in advance. If you can't get a table or you'd just like to get some Sababa on the go, you can stop by their food stand at the Gongguan market where they sell pita sandwiches for under a 100nt.

We had a lovely lunch with the girls here recently and filled our table (and tummies!) with their flavorful and aromatic dishes. Their extensive menu includes a range of Mediterranean foods to choose from, such as lamb, chicken and beef pitas, salads and ‘pitzas’, and also a long list of vegetarian options such as falafel, Egyptian cigars, hummus and even baklava! Have a look at their menu below.

Sababa Pita Bar MENU

I usually order the King Falafel Pita and Cyprus Salad (My personal favorites!), but wanted to try something new so got the Sultan Salad (a refreshing mix of olives, cabbage, tomato in tahini, topped with a meatball and pita croutons), the Moroccan Hummus (spiced ground beef with pine nuts served on hummus), and an extra side of Falafel . We also had the Plata Sababa; a vegetarian plate filled with sababa ghanoush, hummus, falafel, tahini and Israeli egg, and the the Cairo Chicken salad which is a great option if you want something that’s both meaty AND healthy. Sababa is also known for their generous (and affordable!) wine servings, so if you’re a wine lover like we are, it’s the place to go.

If you haven't been to Sababa Pita Bar, it's about time you go! We've been there numerous times and they never disappoint, keeping the quality of their food and service consistent and on point. Reserve a table now and go get cozy with a glass of red and have a Mediterranean feast.

Business Hours: Open daily from 11:30AM to 21:30PM

Phone: 02 2363 8009

Nearest MRT: MRT Taipower Building (Green Line)

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Sababa-Pita-Bar-158831327516052/

Address: No. 17號, Lane 283, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

106台北市大安區羅斯福路三段283巷17號 (Google Maps)

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