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Tandoor Indian Restaurant 坦都印度餐廳 | Taipei

Get ready to salivate, friends! We recently went for lunch at the OG of Indian food restaurants in Taipei, Tandoor. Can you believe this family-owned restaurant has been around since 1989!? And can you believe it was our first time dining here!? By now you should know that we absolutely love Indian cuisine, and the fact that we've only visited the oldest Indian curry house in Taipei now in 2020 is almost unbelievable.

Tandoor is located in Taipei's Zhongshan District, and about a 10-minute walk from Xingtian Temple MRT station (Orange Line), and about an 8-minute walk from Zhongshan Junior High School Station MRT (Brown Line). When we walked inside, I remember thinking that the restaurant gave me the same feeling as when you're walking into someone's dining room in their home. Even though it's quite spacious, the decor and design (carpeted floor, chandeliers, comfy seats and table cloths) makes it feel quite cozy and homey. Also, we received a warm and friendly welcome by the staff, which made us feel right at home.

We were HUNGRY, and you can just imagine how good it smells in there; the rich aroma of spices and herbs fills the restaurant! They offer a huge selection of drool-worthy Indian cuisine, and even though we wanted absolutely everything, we ended up choosing the Chakna Masala, the Hara Bara Kabab and Samosa as our appetizers. For our main meal we all shared the Chicken Tikka, Sheekh Kebab, Paneer Makanwala, Palak Paneer and Chicken Makanwala. Together with our main meals we got Saffron rice and a selection of naan and paratha. For dessert we had the Kesar Pista. You can view their menu below!

Tandoor Indian Restaurant 坦都印度餐廳 MENU

Chakna Masala (150nt)

The Chakna Masala, "peanuts, daal, onion, coriander, green chili, tossed together in spices with a dash of lemon", is a unique appetizer, that notably is served in a cute bicycle basket (pictured above). Adorbs! It was the perfect dish to start off our meal; fresh and delicious!

Chakna Masala (150nt)

Samosa and Hara Bara Kabab

We couldn't decide between ordering the Samosa and Hara Bara Kabab, so the kind server suggested a combination of the two. Also served in a very photo-worthy little wagon, was the veggie Samosa and Hara Bara Kabab, "fried cottage cheese cooked with spinach". I love a good samosa, and these didn't disappoint! The pastry was crispy and the filling of vegetables was very flavorful. It was my first time trying Hara Bara Kabab, and the combination of spinach, green peas and potatoes was absolutely delicious; I seriously could have eaten ten!

Mango Lassi

Sheekh Kebab (380 nt)

The Sheekh Kebab, "minced mutton, gently spiced and rolled onto a skewer, then roasted in the tandoor" was beautifully presented and then devoured by our table.

Chicken Tikka (350nt)

The Chicken Tikka, "pieces of boneless chicken marinated in authentic spices and yogurt, then roasted in the tandoor and served on a sizzler", doesn't just look extremely appetizing, you can't even imagine how good it smells! Fragrant and flavorful, this dish was also a favorite and a must-order when you go there.

Chicken Tikka (350 nt)

Chicken Makanwala (380nt)

Chicken Makanwala (commonly known as "Butter Chicken") is a popular Indian food favorite, so we absolutely had to try theirs. Just the description of it on their menu, "morsels of juicy chicken pieces slowly simmered in a smooth, creamy buttery tomato gravy" is enough to make my mouth water uncontrollably. And yes, it was every bit as flavorful and rich as it sounds (and looks!).

Palak Paneer (310nt)

The Palak Paneer, described as "a perfect combination of spinach and chunks of cottage cheese cooked in a spinach puree and cream", was another winner at the table, and a great choice for vegetarian diners!

Paneer Makanwala (310nt)

Another great option for vegetarians is the Paneer Makanwala, a personal favorite! Just like the Chicken Makanwala, the cottage cheese is cooked in a smooth, creamy buttery tomato gravy. It is every bit as yummy as that sounds! (Especially when you dip some naan in there!)

Saffron Rice (140nt)

You might choke on the price, but you do get an enormous serving of this basmati rice which is prepared with saffron and herbs. It was more than enough for four (very hungry) people!

Kesar Pista (100nt)

By the time we finished our main meals, we were all stuffed! But, I personally rarely say no to anything containing pistachios, and the chef highly recommended their Kesar Pista, "traditional Indian pistachio ice cream". It was a resounding YES from our table and we gobbled up this delightful treat in seconds!

We all agreed that lunch at Tandoor was absolutely wonderful! Throughout our time there, we were served with friendly smiles, amazingly aromatic, rich and flavorful dishes, and warm Indian hospitality. They also offer a kids' menu, so bring the whole fam for a great meal. We highly recommend Tandoor for authentic Indian cuisine in Taipei!

Business Hours: Daily from 11:30AM to 2:30PM

and 5:30PM to 10PM

Phone: 02 2509 9853

Nearest MRT: MRT Xingtian Temple (Orange Line)

MRT Zhongshan Junior High School (Brown Line)

Website: http://tandoor.tw/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tandoor.taipei/

Address: 1st Floor, No. 10, Lane 73, Hejiang Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491

台北市中山區合江街73巷10號 (Google Maps)

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