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And the WINNERS are...

Posse Roundie Best Basket Bag A Style Alike

We can’t believe our Roundie Basket Bag giveaway has come to an end. How time flies?! We have not one, but TWO winners, as we had two separate giveaways; one running on our Facebook page AND one on our Instagram account. Well, without further ado. The winners of the Roundie Basket Bags are…

Facebook Winner:


Instagram Winner: @GKGREENKNITS


If you’d like to see how our Instagram winner was chosen, you can check our Instagram story today (May 11th). A video showing how our Facebook winner was picked is available on request. Both the winners have been contacted on Instagram and Facebook respectively, so please check your Instagram DM and Facebook "others" folder for our messages.

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If you didn’t win and you’re dying to get your hands on one of these trendy bags, you can get one here or here.


If you have any questions about this giveaway, feel free to email us at hello@astylealike.com.

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