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Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei

Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike

Maybe you're reading this now because you are desperately looking for a beauty salon in Taipei for a much needed wax or manicure and stumbled upon this post while searching online? Jackpot! You can end your search right here, because Le Boudoir is one of the best and most professional beauty salons in Taipei! (Maybe THE best? But that's just our opinion, we haven't tried them all..). You might as well go ahead and book your appointment right now and thank us later! And to those of you just randomly reading this post and live in Taipei, take it as a sign that you should probably spoil yourself to a relaxing massage, facial, or foot spa; go ahead, you deserve it!

Le Boudoir is located in Tianmu (I know, I know, a little out of the way if you live in central Taipei City, but TOTALLY worth the journey!) and is owned by the lovely and friendly ladies, Céline and Isabelle, two experienced French beauticians. They offer waxing (facial, upper body and lower body), massages, facials, slimming treatments, eyelash extensions and tinting, body scrubs and loads more. Also, the talented nail technician, Angela, does creative nail art, manicures, pedicures and the most relaxing foot spas.

Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike

Le Boudoir's French beauticians, Céline and Isabelle

Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike

We love this bright, clean, and calm salon space on the second floor of the building. It feels like a welcoming little sanctuary that's hidden away from the bustling streets down below, and offers the perfect tranquil atmosphere for a relaxing spa day!

Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike

The environment is very calm because you'll literally have the place to yourself! Céline and Isabelle use private rooms for the services they offer like waxing and massages, and Angela is the only nail technician (which means every client that walks through the door gets treated like a VIP). This really is the perfect place to go if you need a break and want professional and high quality treatments.

Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike


WAXING - There are many places in Taipei that offer waxing, but I like that Le Boudoir uses hypoallergenic soft and hard wax from France. I've had a few bikini waxes here, and I appreciate how fast they get the job done and that we have such fun chats that I barely feel any discomfort. I also want to add that I got a bikini wax towards the end of my pregnancy and they were super professional and gentle, and always made sure I felt comfortable.

LASH TINT - Le Boudoir is one of the only beauty salons in Taipei (that I could find) that does lash tints. If you have lighter hair like us, it can make a huge difference to get your lashes tinted. It's especially convenient to get it done before a vacation where you'll be swimming a lot and don't plan on wearing mascara but still want your lashes to look good.

MANICURE, PEDICURE and FOOT SPA - Angela uses OPI polish and her manicures and pedicures are truly THE BEST I've had in Taipei. I love getting gel mani-pedis before going on vacation and she does such an excellent job! I also highly recommend you get the complete foot spa while you're at it (it includes a proper foot scrub and soak), it's just heavenly and that seat is so comfortable you might catch yourself drifting off.

FACIAL - I've never had a facial here, but Tieneke has and she raved about how relaxing and professional it was, and also how incredibly soft her skin felt afterwards.

GIFT CARDS - Le Boudoir offers gift vouchers, which I think is just the perfect present you can give someone! I've gifted it to friends and they loved it. They can choose from all the services, or buy something from the products they carry.

Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike

Talented nail technician, Angela

Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike


Please visit Le Boudoir's website for their detailed lists of services (including prices):


Le Boudoir also sells products from brands like THALGO, GUINOT, NOHEM, THALION, BUTTITUDE, AUTOUR DU BAIN and lots more.

We highly recommend you to follow their Facebook page, as they update their followers with special deals and other notices regularly. We really can't say enough good things about Le Boudoir! Now hurry and make that booking, you won't regret it.


Le Boudoir | Beauty Salon in Taipei | A Style Alike


Call them at 0228724205


Complete a form on their website


Send a message to their Facebook page

Business Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 9:30AM to 8:30PM

*Current COVID-19 hours* 2PM to 8PM*

Nearest MRT: Mingde MRT (Red Line)

Phone: +886228724205

Website: https://leboudoirinstituttaipei.jimdofree.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boudoir.institut

Address: 11157, Taipei City, Shilin District, Tianmu West Road, 34號2樓

11157台北市士林區天母西路34號2樓 (Google Maps)

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