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Liesl's Baby Shower @ Tamed Fox

I had the honor of planning Liesl's baby shower back in October last year, and had so much fun putting together this joyous event for her. She did such a wonderful job planning my shower (you can read all about it here!) that I wanted to make sure her day was just as special as mine was. We had originally planned on having it at Woolloomooloo (another great spot for events such a birthdays or baby showers, with a reasonable minimum spend per person) but I decided to surprise Liesl and have the shower at one of her favorite cafes in Taipei, Tamed Fox.

Below I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the decor, food, stationery and also the games that kept the guests entertained throughout the event. I'll share a list of all the vendors used at the bottom of the post, and also some more information on the venue. If you have any questions or need help in planning an upcoming event, feel free to contact us at hello@astylealike.com.


I decided to incorporate the colors of Liesl's nursery - a soft and neutral boho color scheme, including terracotta, blush, mustard and also white. The gorgeous white tiled tables on Tamed Fox's patio were such a beautiful canvas to work with and needed little decorations; just a few pops of color here and there which we added by using pastel pink, peach and green flower vases and dainty flower arrangements. For the "gift corner" we decorated the wall in peach and rose gold balloons, and some of Liesl's favorite flowers - Lilies.


Tamed Fox's menu is filled with delicious toasties, salads, baked goods, lattes and more (The perfect treats for a girly get-together!) Each guest was welcomed with a glass of prosecco and we also treated everyone with adorable rainbow cupcakes from The Cupcaker. These cupcakes can be made to order, and you can customize them with different flavors, frosting, themes and decorations. Since it was Fall and already a little chilly outside, we opted for pumpkin spiced cupcakes with salted caramel cream cheese frosting, and rainbow decorations on top. They were adorable, and tasted absolutely amazing!

Pan-Seared Salmon Bowl
Smoked Salmon Avo Toast
The White Panino


Etsy has plenty of options for stationery and I found these rainbow themed "predictions & advice cards" at a shop called Yourfavoriteparty. It's a fun ice breaker for a baby shower and Liesl enjoyed hearing what her friends had predicted her little one would look like. These rainbow themed cards looked lovely on the tables, too.


Each guest received a customized cookie as a "thank you", made by the talented Quebancake. You can contact them directly on Instagram by sending a DM, and they will get back to you within a day. They deliver anywhere in Taiwan and cookies are 150nt each (To see what other cookies they've made for me, have a look at Sebastian's 1st Birthday post)


For a fun game, each guest got a handout where they had to figure out the names of popular children's books by decoding emojis. It was the perfect game for this group, as most of us are elementary school teachers and familiar with all these book titles. Throughout the shower, guests had to wear a pin and couldn't say the word, "baby", and would have to give up their pin to the person who caught them. The person whom ended up with the most pins at the end of the day was the winner.


The shower was held at the Tamed Fox cafe in Xinyi District, right around the corner from H&M in Breeze Song Gao. Events can be held either indoors in a private dining room, or outside on the patio where Liesl had hers. We had a guest list of 16 people and the minimum spend was 10 000nt with a 2 hour time limit. For any additional hours, there is an added $2,000/hr. Two hours seemed like not enough time, so we booked the space for 3 hours and had to spend 12 000n't on the day (plus 10% service charge) Depending on different types of events and time, the price will be slightly different. You can contact Tamed Fox directly at events@tamedfox.tw to get a quote for your event.


Cupcakes - The Cupcaker

Cookies - Quebancake

Stationery - Etsy

Balloons - SuperParty

Flowers & Vases - Jinguo Weekend Flower Market

Venue - Tamed Fox

If you have any questions or need recommendations or help in planning your event, contact us at hello@astylealike.com and we'll get back to you shortly.

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