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Liesl's Exciting Announcement...

Liesl's Exciting Announcement | Pregnancy | A Style Alike

You may have noticed a slight increase in "baby content" here on A Style Alike recently, and get ready for more, because there's ANOTHER wee one on the way!!! That's right, this time it's my turn and I'm expecting the arrival of our baby girl at the end of November. Eeeeeek! The Husband and I are over the moon excited, and can't wait for this next chapter of our lives! Of course Tieneke and I are extremely happy that our babies will be only 8 months apart in age, and can't wait for all the play dates and them growing up together here in Taipei!

Liesl's Exciting Announcement | Pregnancy | A Style Alike

Navigating pregnancy and parenthood, and everything that comes along with it (especially as an expat in Taiwan), has been a journey. We plan on bringing you along on this adventure and provide lots of helpful information and resources, and share all the things we learn along the way.

You'll notice that we've created a new category, BABY, here on A Style Alike where you will be able to find all baby/parenthood-related content; you can check out that page here to see what we've shared so far. There are lots more to come, including all sorts of guides, resources and helpful information for (especially expat) parents in Taipei, so make sure you follow our social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) and sign up for our weekly newsletter if you don't want to miss out on these.

Liesl's Exciting Announcement | Pregnancy | A Style Alike

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you're also pregnant (or have young kids) and living in Taipei, and just want to connect with some other mommas, we would love to create a community of support! We can be reached on all our social media channels, or feel free to email us at hello@astylealike.com

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