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14 Popular Instagram Spots in Taipei

With so much character, history and unique buildings, Taipei truly is a photographer's dream location. Sure, at first sight Taipei can be considered kinda ugly, let's be honest. I think you'll agree that a lot of buildings in this city, especially the older ones, are in desperate need of a renovation. If you can look past the weathered buildings, exposed electrical wires and cage-like window security bars, you'll discover that Taipei is full of surprises, charm and photogenic opportunities. This city is super popular with street photographers and avid Instagrammers, as you can capture awesome scenes by just getting lost in its many streets and alleys.

That said, there are some "Insta-famous" spots in Taipei that seem to be like a magnet for those wanting to capture some cool shots in the city. Below we've listed 14 of some of the most popular backdrops and locations for getting those picture perfect snapshots while exploring the city. We've also attached a Google Map (at the end of this post) of the exact locations of all of these Instagram spots, so that you don't have to hunt them down yourselves.


Taipei 101

source: Instagram

The view of Taipei 101 (and Taipei's skyline) from Elephant Mountain 象山 is hard to beat! Granted, you can get cool Insta shots of this famous building from almost everywhere in Taipei, this one seems to produce the most beautiful photos, and Instagrammers love it! It's an easy hike up the mountain, and totally worth it; especially just before sunset!

Popular Hashtags: #taipei101 #elephantmountain #象山 #xiangshan


Longshan Temple 艋舺龍山寺

source: @mkhp_03

You are spoiled for choice in Taipei if you are envisioning that perfect traditional-temple-in-the-background photo. The most well-known one is Longshan Temple 艋舺龍山寺; not only is it magnificently detailed, it's quite spacious and you can also view some religious ceremonies and rituals sometimes.

Popular Hashtags: #longshantemple #艋舺龍山寺


Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂

source: @life.of.brit

After the most-favored Taipei 101 shot, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂 and the National Theatre and Concert Hall 國家兩廳院, are probably the second most popular Instagram spots in Taipei. I get it, the buildings and grounds there are huge and impressive and provide lots of photo opportunities. While you're in the neighborhood, you can pop into one of our favorite Insta-worthy cafes, 香色 Xiang Se, for a delicious and picture-perfect meal.

Popular Hashtags: #chiangkaishekmemorialhall #chiangkaishek #中正紀念堂 #國家兩廳院


Dihua Street 迪化街

source: @astylealike

This charming street, and its historical buildings, is filled to the brim with character and tradition. Dihua Street 迪化街 is lined with shops selling local products, cafes, traditional tea rooms, and really gives you that old-town vibe. Photographers love this street, as there are temples, lots of colorful signs, local markets, interesting architecture and plenty of personality. Pop into Salt Peanuts 鹹花生 located on this street for refreshments and more photo opportunities.

Popular Hashtags: #dihuastreet #迪化街


228 Peace Memorial Park 二二八和平公園

source: @denissetoribio

Because of the many colorful pagodas found there, photos taken at the historical 228 Peace Memorial Park 二二八和平公園 frequently pops up on my Instagram feed. The park is not too big, is free to enter, and also houses the National Taiwan Museum (which is worth a visit!).

Popular Hashtags: #228peacememorialpark #二二八和平公園 #228peacepark


Fujin Street 富錦街

source: @sammiiihehehee

This delightful tree-lined street in Taipei is filled with hipster hangouts and provides a plethora of photo opportunities! We love the vibe on Fujin Street 富錦街, and recommend you spend an entire afternoon there. Take photos out on the street, enjoy a caffeine fix at one of the many cool cafes, and browse all the unique boutiques.

Popular Hashtags: #fujinstreet #富錦街


Taipei Fine Arts Museum 臺北市立美術館

source: @osmioblens

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum 臺北市立美術館 is a unique location for taking some more creative and "artsy" photos. Not only do they have very 'grammable exhibitions all the time, the building itself is a popular backdrop in photos taken there.

Popular Hastags: #taipeifineartsmuseum #臺北市立美術館


Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

source: @kyoko1903

Basically all of the night markets in Taipei are a haven for Instagrammers, offering plenty of edible props and colorful backdrops. Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 seems to be one of the most popular ones, and it is easily accessible from Jiantian MRT station.

Popular Hashtags: #shilinnightmarket #士林夜市 #taipeinightmarket


Tao Zhu Yin Yuan 陶朱隱園

source: Instagram

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan 陶朱隱園, also known as Agora Garden, is a brand new residential building, already Insta-famous in Taipei. This uniquely curved "green building" seems to have inspired photographers and now I can't look at my Instagram feed without spotting it. Bonus points for getting Taipei 101 in the background!

Popular Hashtags: #taozhuyinyuan #agoragarden #陶朱隱園


Songshan Airport 台北松山機場

source: @jain0314

Airports aren't usually the first thing that pops into your head when considering a place to get some Insta-worthy snaps. That said, at Taipei City's Songshan Airport 台北松山機場, there is a specific spot at the airport where you can take photos of airplanes landing and taking off. See the exact spot where you should go if you want to take these photos, included in our map below.

Popular Hashtags: #songshanairport #松山機場跑道頭 #台北松山機場


National Taiwan University

source: @easonhsiung

It's worth taking a stroll around National Taiwan University 台灣大學社科院's campus, but the main Instagram attraction is the "green roof" of the College of Social Sciences department. You can view the roof from a higher floor. Also, while you're there you should check out the stunning Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library.

Popular Hashtags: #nationaltaiwanuniversity #國立臺灣大學社會科學院


Ximending 西門町

source: @yentrangnguyen_

You can easily spend an entire day taking photos in Taipei's bustling Ximending 西門町 area, and you'll end up with way too many awesome photos to post on social media. There's The Red House 西門紅樓, the night market with all its food carts, restaurants and shops, and also the Taipei Cinema Park 臺北市電影主題公園 (graffiti galore!). Before starting your day of snapping away, make a reservation at ACME Breakfast Club for a hearty (and Insta-worthy) breakfast.

Popular Hashtags: #ximending #西門町 #ximenting #西門紅樓 #taipeicinemapark #臺北市電影主題公園


Maokong Gondola 貓空纜車

source: @jessicaneistadt

Go on a Maokong Gondola 貓空纜車 ride for photogenic scenes of Taipei, and lots of opportunities to get the perfect 'gram. When you reach the top, you can try some tasty local tea (with a view!).

Popular Hashtags: #maokonggondola #貓空纜車


Floral Tunnel 花博花之隧道

source: @littlemolly00

The Floral Tunnel, as it's known in Taipei, is a favorite of many local Instagrammers. This tunnel can be found in the Fine Arts Park 花博公園美術園區, and it's a gorgeous, and kind of romantic, setting for lovely Insta snapshots. Find the exact location pinned in our map below.

Popular Hashtag: #花博花之隧道

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14 Popular Instagram Spots in Taipei MAP

You really can't go wrong with just walking around Taipei and taking photos on the street. If you'd also like a list of some very photogenic cafes in Taipei, check out our list of 10 Insta-Worthy Cafes in Taipei. Let us know if there are any other spots in Taipei you'd recommend for taking beautiful photos!

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