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7 Quick & Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room

Is your living room in serious need of some TLC, or just hasn’t been updated since you moved in almost a decade ago? We’ve been living in the same apartment in Taipei for almost 8 years, and it was about time we took some action; the sofas had been feeling dreary and the space lacked warmth and didn’t quite reflect my personality. We decided to change things up, and give our living room a little face lift (without overspending and doing a complete overhaul).

If you're also bored of your current surroundings, or just in the mood for a change (but find yourself frozen with indecisiveness), don’t fear, ‘cause I’ve got 7 quick, easy (and affordable!) ways to refresh your space. Scroll down, take notes, and start updating your living room, too! You can also find the links (under the images) to where you can purchase all the decorative items I added to our living room.

How To Be Parisian Book: Book Depository l Marble Table: Zara Home

1. Decide on a Color Palette

Choosing a color scheme is the first and most important step, and can set the tone for your entire living room. The color palette I’ve chosen is mostly earthy tones, with some mustard, dusty pink and terracotta accents.

2. Add Plenty of Greenery

Nothing quite brightens up a room than some leafy greens, and it’s a very affordable way to spice up your living room. Add some larger plants, like a beautiful Fiddle-leaf fig tree, or some trendy smaller plants like cacti or succulents.

Basketweave Throw: West Elm l Mustard Cushion Cover: H&M l Linen Cushion Cover: Ikea

Rattan Plant Stand: Ikea l Bean Bag: l Coral Pink Bean Bag Cover: MujiMuji

3. Switch Up Your Cushions

Cushions have the ability to COMPLETELY change a room, whether you add a few new shapes and sizes, or incorporate some different colors and textures. (You can even just move the old ones around!) Keep in mind that trends change so you don’t want to spend a third of your salary on a few new pillowcases. H&M has some great and affordable options that’s totally on trend as well.

4. Add Decorative Accent Pieces

New decorative furniture and accessories can make a huge difference to your living space. A furry blanket, a woven throw draped over your sofa, a marble side table, a bright accent chair. All of these can be added to create an eye-catching space that bursts with personality.

Cushion Covers: H&M l Kinfolk Book: Book Depository

Rattan Basket: Ikea l Faux Fur Blanket: Zara Home

5. Update Your Media Console

If you thought your media console isn’t important, you thought wrong! Organize your cables, add a few coffee table books and a plant (or three!), and frame one of your favorite prints for a personal touch on your new and design-worthy media console.

6. Add an Area Rug

I had no idea how big a difference adding an area rug would make to our living room. Not only did it improve and tie the whole room together, but it added warmth and coziness which is especially welcoming during winter.

Paris Map: Etsy l Pink Plant Pot: H&M l Storage Table: Ikea

Love x Style x Life Book: Book Depository l Shoetopia book: Book Depository l Cactus and Pot from 有肉 SUCCULAND Succulent & Gift

7. Use Stylish Storage Containers

Stylish storage containers such as rattan baskets can make a big difference in your living room and can also compliment existing decor. Use it to hold items like blankets, extra pillows, magazines, remotes, or even your exercise equipment.

Rug: Ikea l Rattan Basket: Ikea l Marble Table: Zara Home l Faux Fur Blanket: Zara Home

I hope this post has inspired you, and given you some ideas of how to renovate your living room. It is after all the room you spend most time in, and also entertain family and friends, so why not give it a fresh update!

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