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BEST OF 2019 | Top 10 Posts That Made You Click

And just like that, we are at the end of another unforgettable year! Who else is SO ready for 2020!? As per tradition, we had a look at our blog statistics of the past year to see which posts you guys clicked on the most. It's always so interesting to see which content tickled your fancy (you can also see our most-read blog posts of 2017 and 2018), and of course we wanted to share it with you in case you missed one of these popular posts of 2019.


Tatsuya Tanaka's "Miniature Life Exhibition" in Taipei

In January this year I attended Japanese artist and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka's "Miniature Life Exhibition" here in Taipei. The artist uses miniature human models and everyday objects (and food) to create an unexpected and fantasy world through his photography. Even though it's been months since the exhibition ended, this is still one of our most clicked posts and you can go ahead and enjoy the pictures we took. Check out our post to find the links to his popular Instagram account, and his website where you can see future exhibition locations and dates.

Read it here.


Milk Bar by BKA | Taipei Cafe

This cafe (and co-working space) made a splash in Taipei when they opened this year, with their delicious waffles and great coffee. Of course we went there to indulge in some sweet treats and took lots of photos to share with you guys. If you haven't been there yet, check out their full menu in our post, and lots of pics that will surely get your mouth watering!

Read it here.


Le Blanc | Taipei Restaurant

Popular steak and lobster restaurant in Taipei, Le Blanc, has been on our radar since they opened, but for some reason it took me forever to finally go there and try it for myself. Read all about my experience, and if I think their famous Surf 'n Turf combo is worth the hype.

Read it here.


Free Taipei Walking Tour | TourMeAway

When popular walking tour company in Taiwan, TourMeAway, invited us to join one of their free walking tours in Taipei, we were actually very curious about it. Yes, we've lived in Taipei for a looooong time and these tours are obviously for visitors to the city, but we thought this was the perfect opportunity for us to experience a tour for ourselves before recommending it to travelers. Read our post to find out where this tour took us, and what our thoughts were about it in the end.

Read it here.


Little Creatures | Taipei Bar & Restaurant

Probably one of my personal favorite new restaurants that opened in Taipei in 2019 is Little Creatures. I guess many people wanted to learn more about this new hot spot in Taipei, because we got lots of traffic to this post from Google searches. I don't want to give away too much, so check out our post to see what food and drinks they offer, and why I keep recommending this place to everyone.

Read it here.


A Guide to Healthy Eating in Taipei | Restaurants & Cafes

We really are spoiled with lots of restaurants in Taipei offering delicious and healthy meals, and we love discovering new ones. After visiting quite a few spots with amazing vegan, vegetarian and other healthier options, we decided to throw together a list of some of the places where you can enjoy a nutritious meal in Taipei. This is the perfect guide to help you get back on track in the new year after the season of indulgence...

Read it here.


7 Taipei Brunch Spots with Outdoor Seating

I can't even tell you how often people ask us where they can go in Taipei to eat a meal alfresco. And believe us, it's not as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately Taipei doesn't have that many restaurants where you can enjoy your food outside, but they do exist! In this post we share 7 places where you can have brunch outside on a patio or deck in Taipei. We're not surprised that this post got many hits, I mean, who doesn't love eating brunch outside when the weather is nice!?

Read it here.


呆宅 Just Stay | Yilan B&B

I'm just obsessed with Taiwan's gorgeous east coast, and finally got to visit the scenic Yilan area this past year. I had my heart set on staying at the absolutely stunning 呆宅 Just Stay bed and breakfast, (you'll understand why when you see the pictures!) and we were lucky that their most beautiful room was available. We highly recommend this B&B for quite a few reasons; read our post and review to find out.

Read it here.


10 (More) Insta-Worthy Cafes in Taipei

You guys know that we love a good "Insta-worthy" cafe and get lots of our cafe and restaurant inspiration from Instagram. 10 Insta-Worthy Cafes in Taipei was by far our most popular post of 2018, and we wanted to share some more places that was worth visiting if taking pictures is also your jam! As predicted, this post was just as successful, and evidently we are not the only ones obsessed with gorgeous Insta-worthy cafes.

Read it here.


14 Popular Instagram Spots in Taipei

And here we go; our most read post of 2019 was "14 Popular Instagram Spots in Taipei". We are sticking to the Instagram theme here it seems! This post went crazy on Pinterest and we got a lot of traffic from Google searches, too. It looks like locals and travelers just can't get enough of those picture-perfect Instagram backdrops that the city has to offer, and we are definitely thinking of a sequel to this post (so watch this space!).

Read it here.

Do you agree with these statistics, or are there other posts that you especially liked? We'd also love to know what type of content you enjoy the most here on A Style Alike; travel, style, food, beauty or lifestyle? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, may 2020 be filled with lots of joy, love and adventures!

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