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'Tis The Season To Give | Charities We Support in Taiwan

Charities We Support in Taiwan | A Style Alike

We wanted to wish all of you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY season! Whether you'll be getting festive with your friends or with family, we hope that each of you will experience an abundance of joy and love! Let's also not forget about those whom aren't as fortunate as us.

That's why we'd like to take this opportunity to share some charities with you that we personally support here in Taiwan, and that we hold near and dear to our hearts. If you're feeling especially generous this time of the year, and want to help out some amazing causes and people working so hard to make a difference in Taiwan, please check them out and make ANY contribution that you can; whether it's making a donation, volunteering, or simply sharing their organization on your Facebook page.

Animal Welfare and Rescues

Animal Care Trust Taiwan | Charities We Support in Taiwan | A Style Alike

ACT - Animal Care Trust

How they help: "ACT was born from the passion and vision of Englishman, Sean McCormack, whom has worked tirelessly to end animal suffering in Taiwan for more than twenty years. Since moving to the island in 1999, and inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall during a chance meeting in 2004, he has directly rescued or helped more than 1,700 animals in distress, created seven animal sanctuaries, and started three nonprofits in Taiwan dedicated to improving the welfare of animals: Animals Taiwan (2004 — 2008), the Taiwan SPCA (2008 — 2010), and The PACK Sanctuary (2010 — 2017).

In 2014, Sean realized his dream to start a UK charity when he co-founded Animal Care Trust. ACT rescues animals of any species, at any time of night or day, in northern Taiwan and sometimes beyond. We are renowned for our rescues of dogs and other animals that have fallen victim to hunters' steel leg-hold traps and wire snares. ACT relies on public generosity to continue our vital work."

Website: actforanimals.org

Facebook Page: facebook.com/ACTAnimalCareTrust/

Donate HERE

Mary's Doggies Taiwan | Charities We Support in Taiwan | A Style Alike

Mary's Doggies

How they help: "Mary’s Doggies is a non-profit organization working hard to alleviate the terrible problem of stray dogs in Taiwan. Unfortunately, Taiwan has a huge problem with stray dogs all over the island, with many of them getting caught in traps, getting abused, or suffering from the elements of living on the streets or in the mountains. Mary’s Doggies is dedicated to helping these homeless dogs by rescuing them, rehabilitating them, both physically and mentally, and then finding them loving homes both in Taiwan and abroad.

We want to make sure the dogs that we rescue get the best medical attention we can find, and also get the much needed training so they will be ready for their new homes and adjust well. We treat each and every dog we rescue with respect and love. Many of these dogs have had a very hard time on the streets or in the mountains of Taiwan and need many months, even years of training and confidence building before they are ready for adoption. However, we don’t give up on them and help them get through their difficult times and help them find their perfect forever homes."

Website: marysdoggies.org

Facebook Page: facebook.com/marysdoggies/

Donate HERE

Children and Migrant Workers

Harmony Home Association Taiwan | Charities We Support in Taiwan | A Style Alike

Harmony Home Association, Taiwan 台灣關愛之家協會

How they help: "Harmony Home is a non-profit organization that helps provide shelter, care, and treatment for migrant workers whom have been victims of human trafficking, workers with difficulties, as well as helping migrant children and their mothers. Harmony Home takes care of migrant children, working to provide them with a better life, education, and health care. Harmony Home also helps to provide shelter, care, and treatment for people with HIV/AIDS. The home is almost entirely privately funded, so all supplies and donations are greatly appreciated."

Website: hhat.org

Facebook page: facebook.com/Harmonyhome/

Donate HERE or HERE (English)

International Community

Haxstrong Taiwan | Charities We Support in Taiwan | A Style Alike

HAXSTRONG Charity 高雄市漢斯壯慈善協會

How they help: "HAXSTRONG is a registered non-profit, charitable organization in Taiwan. While focusing on helping expatriates in Taiwan, we aim to provide assistance to ANY individuals who find themselves in positions of dire need. Whether you’ve suffered a serious accident, illness, or you’re having a tough time dealing with life in Taiwan, we are here to listen and offer assistance. We also regularly help raise awareness and important funds for other charitable organizations nationwide. Many of the people we have helped refer to HAXSTRONG as their second family in Taiwan who assisted them through dark times. We are here for you and you are never ever alone!"

Watch the HAXSTRONG Story: youtu.be/VgqBE1V8v6g

Website: haxstrong.org

Facebook Page: facebook.com/haxstrongcharity/

Donate HERE

Charities We Support in Taiwan | A Style Alike

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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