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A Walk Down Dihua Street

If you’re looking for a place to explore traditional Taiwanese culture, look no further than Dihua Street. This historical street in Taipei is located in the Dadaocheng area of Datong District, and is one of the oldest and most famous streets of Taipei. Filled with historical buildings, traditional shops and artistic cafes, this 800m stretch of historical architecture is a must-visit, and also one of the most Instagrammable streets in Taipei.

This traditional neighborhood goes way back to the 1950’s, and originally started out as a trading center for traditional goods such as medicine, herbs, fabrics and teas. It was also known for its large variety of dried fruit and vegetables. Today, this street especially livens up before and during Chinese New Year, with a New Year Market where visitors can buy everything from New Year decorations to gifts and food, such as dried meats, herbs and other Taiwanese delicacies.

There are quite a few unique cafes that have opened here recently, but the ones we highly recommend are Peacock Bistro and Salt Peanuts 鹹花生 (You can read our full review of Salt Peanuts 鹹花生 here). They are both located on Dihua Street, and share a beautiful tiled courtyard where you can enjoy a healthy meal outside, surrounded by lush greenery.

Dihua Street is truly a quintessential Taiwan experience and a must if you're ever in Taipei. Go there early on a Saturday morning and start your day with a delicious brunch, before browsing the interesting shops and getting lost in the fascination alleyways. You can also find unique gifts for loved ones here, and take some traditional pictures that will remind you of your visit to Taipei (Remember to stop at one of the local ice-cream shops and try one of their DELICIOUS fresh fruit popsicles!)

Liesl is wearing: Forever 21 dress l Tieneke is wearing: Zara dress

Photography by Mia Yu l FlameBegins


Take the MRT to Shuanglian Station on the Orange Line. Take Exit 2 and walk down Minsheng West Road until you reach Dihua Road (about 1km).


Take the MRT to Beimen Station on the Green Line. Take Exit 3 and walk down Tacheng Street untill you reach Dihua Road (about 1km).

Address: Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong District, Taipei City

台北市大同區 大有里

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