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Happy Birthday, A STYLE ALIKE!

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A full year has passed since we first nervously hit that “Publish” button that made our little lifestyle blog public for the world to see. A STYLE ALIKE was born! It’s been quite an eventful year for us; we’ve met countless incredible and talented people, have made wonderful new friends, we’ve taken thousands of photos, published more than a hundred articles on our site, and drank what seem to be bucket loads of lattes while creating interesting content for you guys to enjoy!

Taipei Bloggers | Lifestyle | A Style Alike


Since the beginning of this journey, we’ve been blown away by the support and guidance we’ve received from fellow content creators in Taiwan, and the amazing friendships that have developed out of our shared loved for photography, and all things Taipei. Thank you for accepting us into your world!

We appreciate each one of our friends and family members whom have gone out of their way to cheer us on and wish us well. We see you, and we THANK YOU for the support!

Each of you that take time out of your day to send us a kind message, like, comment and share our photos or posts, and those of you who come up to us when you spot us somewhere out in Taipei to say hi, ALL OF YOU are amazing, and it means the world to us!

Liesl & Tieneke | Taipei Bloggers | Lifestyle | A Style Alike


A STYLE ALIKE Launch Party - We had a fabulous time at our blog’s launch party! We celebrated with some of Taipei’s most talented girl bosses and creatives, and kicked off our journey with a bang.

Collaborations – It was an honor to collaborate with some amazing companies, cafes and restaurants in Taipei this past year! We loved working with the folks over at W Taipei, S Hotel and DOUX, and got to create some fun content like BENEFIT Agent W Tea Time @ W Taipei, A Staycation in Taipei @ S Hotel and Our 20 (Totally Achievable) Fitness & Health Habits. We also appreciate the generous invitations of some of the best cafes and restaurants in Taipei for us to come and try out some yummy items from their menus. Thank you to COFFEE DPT, The Antipodean, Heritage Bakery & Café, MissGreen and Cafe By Juicy Diary for your generosity and kindness.

Events – Being invited to exciting events in Taipei is always fun for us! We appreciate every single invitation, even though we unfortunately can’t always attend each of them. Some of our favorites of the past year were Brunch with DOKO, Lunch at S Restaurant & Bar with Chef David Rathgeber, River Taipei’s N4 Magazine launch, and W Taipei WOOBAR x Chad Wang.

Interviews - We met with talented jewelry designer Michi Liang over coffee, and had such a fun chat about accessories and Michi's exquisite range of classy and timeless jewelry pieces. She interviewed us and shared it on her site, which you can read here. We also met the lovely ladies of the popular underwear brand, Peach John, for an interview which was published in their magazine, Momo Life.

Taipei Bloggers | Lifestyle | A Style Alike


As we reflect on the past year, we can see how we’ve grown, and we are even more motivated than ever to bring you guys interesting, beautiful and fun content. We have so many ideas on where we want to take A STYLE ALIKE, and will continue to bring you two fresh posts on our website every week. So you can expect plenty more posts about the best restaurants and cafés in Taipei, and travel guides focusing on Taiwan (and some other exciting countries we are traveling to this year.) We’ll continue sharing our favorite beauty products and services in Taipei, and of course our style and favorite fashion trends.

We are really looking forward to the next year and what it has in store for A STYLE ALIKE. If you'd like to send us some feedback or just a chatty message, please feel free to do so! And if you'd like to collaborate with us, don't hesitate to get in touch. Email us at hello@astylealike.com

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