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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 l Cozy Gifts For HER

Holiday Gift Guide l Cozy Gifts for Her l Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 l A Style Alike

There are few things we love more than getting cozy on the couch and snuggling under a plush warm blanket, while paging through a gorgeous coffee table book and with the scent of fig trees filling up the room. Well, to make gift-giving for the women in your life easier this year, we've put together a curated list of all the coziest gifts you could give to that special someone, whether it's your wife, your mom, your girlfriend or just a friend; from scented candles to luxurious body lotions, and the softest blanket you could ever imagine. Scroll down to see what we have on our list, and put a smile on the face of the special lady in your life. (We hope The Husbands take note, too!)

A Scented Candle

I can't imagine my life (and living room!) without one of Diptyque's luxurious candles by my side. After a long day at work, there's nothing I like more than to snuggle on the couch, and this heavenly candle instantly puts me into relaxation mode. Your lady friend will thank you!

Buy it here.

A Furry Blanket

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Trust me, it doesn't get any cozier than this furry blanket by ZARA! It's possibly the softest thing on earth and I went to the ends of the earth to get my hands on one. Buy it now, and thank me later!

Buy it here.

Plush Slippers

I can't imagine winter without a pair of cozy, plush slippers and it's the perfect gift for the lady of leisure in your life. Her feet will thank you!

Buy it here.

A Silky Sleep Mask

Make sure the girl in your life gets a good night's rest with this luxurious sleep mask by Slip; it's as soft as..., well, silk!

Buy it here.

Cozy Pajamas

This classic pajama set by Eberjey is possibly the comfiest pair of pj's I've owned (EVER!) and trust me, I've tried many. Not only will your lady friend feel good in these ultra-soft pajamas, but look good, too!

Buy it here.

A Coffee Table Book

I don't know about you, but one thing I love when getting cozy under my furry blanket is paging through my collection of beautiful coffee table books. This pink Parisian book is high up on my wish list this year, and I know a few other girls who would love it, too!

Buy it here.

The Gift of Caffeine

If you're caffeine addicts like we are, do I even need to explain this next AH-mazing gift? I can't imagine anyone NOT appreciating a Starbucks (or their favorite coffee shop's) voucher, especially during the cooler months, so go ahead and gift your mom, wife or girlfriend with the gift that keeps on giving: caffeine.

Buy it here.

A Spa-Like Mask

This vitamin packed pumpkin and apricot mask is just what she needs to complete her at-home self-care routine, and will save her an (expensive) trip to the spa.

Buy it here.

Luxurious Body Lotion

This luxurious cream by famous French brand, L'Occitane, is made from almond extract. (Trust us, it smells DIVINE) and provides incredible softness that will melt right into her skin.

Buy it here.

A Satin Pillowcase

Complete her cozy nighttime routine with this silky soft pillowcase by Slip (made of pure mulberry silk), to make sure she gets the best beauty sleep she deserves.

Buy it here.



Holiday Gift Guide l Cozy Gifts for Her l Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 l A Style Alike

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