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Our 20 (Totally Achievable) Fitness & Health Habits

It’s pretty obvious that Tieneke and I loooove to eat; hello, have you seen all of our food posts!? I know it may seem like all we do is hang out at cute cafes and eat decadent dishes all day every day, and that’s probably why we get asked quite often what we do to stay in shape. Before we get into that, please keep in mind that what you see on our blog is almost exclusively what we do on weekends. Both of us have full time jobs, keeping us from indulging in fabulously fancy meals and deliciously naughty treats during the week. (I guess it’s a blessing in disguise?) Even though we are very, very passionate about pastries, we are also passionate about health and fitness. To us, it’s all about having a healthy balance.

So, what is it that we do to stay in shape? Well, we thought we’d share with you our fitness routines, and the habits we have incorporated into our daily lives that help us stay healthy and fit. Maybe you can get a few tips on things you could also integrate into your everyday life.

Healthy EATING & DRINKING Habits

As they say, “you are what you eat.” Ugh. Groan! We all know this, and we all know how good we feel when we’re eating healthy. But, it’s not always that simple. I get it, because I love to eat anything and everything, too. In a perfect world, I would only eat plant-based foods, but alas, the world ain’t perfect and neither am I. (What IS pure perfection though; an aged cheese on a salty cracker with a glass of chilled white wine on a warm summer afternoon, am I right!?) So here are some habits we try to incorporate into our daily lives as much as possible, to ensure that we stay healthy:

EATING PLANT-BASED FOODS, as much as possible.

CHOOSING THE HEALTHIER OPTION, especially during the week.

MODERATION IS KEY, so we don't deprive ourselves. Which means, YOLO!!! But in moderation...

EATING FRUITS AND VEGGIES, or drinking them! (I can’t live without my NutriBullet)

HEALTHY MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES are perfect for when we don't want to/are unable to cook for ourselves. (We both love Eatsmart in Taipei, and order from them often.)

PLANNING AHEAD! I don't know about you, but I don't make the best food choices when I'm hungry and tired.

DRINKING WATER, and drinking a lot of it! I aim for at least 1.5 liters a day.

MAKING FRUIT INFUSED WATER is a great alternative for when we are craving just a little something' extra. (Just add lemon or orange slices!).

DRINKING TEA, which contains a lot of antioxidants! (We love Rooibos, green tea, Chai and Oolong!)

WATCHING THE ALCOHOL INTAKE (waaaaah!), or at least cutting out the sugary mixers.

Healthy FITNESS Habits

Both of us are quite active already (teaching elementary school students is basically a workout in itself). We LOVE to walk (Taipei is so great for that!) and both of us walk to work every day. To stay fit, I enjoy doing workout programs that I can do at home, like the Insanity or Focus T25 challenges. I also love the @yogawithadriene channel on YouTube. When the weather is nice, I also enjoy a jog in the park. Tieneke is currently in the middle of doing Kayla Itsines’ popular Bikini Body Guide. It’s important to just do something that you personally enjoy, because everyone is different! Consider trying out different types of workouts, and see what you like. For example, find a sports team you can join, or try out some fitness classes, follow a program at home, or join a gym. It doesn’t matter, just make sure you get moving! Here are some more tips and ideas to keep fit:

WALKING EVERYWHERE, or at least when we have the option.

TAKING THE STAIRS, or walking up that escalator.

STEP TRACKING is a fun way I motivate myself, especially joining in on challenges with friends or family. (I try to clock at least 12k steps a day on my FitBit!)

ENJOYING THE OUTDOORS! Hiking, biking and swimming is good for the soul, and the waistline.

KEEP GOING and don't expect quick fixes.

FINDING A FITNESS BUDDY IS the best! Even if we're not working out together, we still motivate each other.

TRYING NEW THINGS and experimenting with different types of exercise and activities is fun.

KNOWING WHAT MOTIVATES ME, and reffering to it when I need it! personally, I'm highly motivated when I have nice workout clothes to wear (LOL), or when I talk to my workout buddies and we psych each other up.

ENDORPHINS ARE ADDICTIVE, so I just get started even when I don't always feel like it; eventually I feel so good that I crave exercise.

GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP! Not only do I feel great after a good night's rest (I feel best after 8 hours of quality zzz's) but when I'm well rested, I'm also way more motivated to be active.


Tieneke is wearing: (above)

Top by Lululemon, pants by Lululemon, and trainers by APL. Yoga mat is by DOUX.

Liesl is wearing: (above)

T-shirt by Nike, pants by Nike and trainers by Nike. Yoga mat is by DOUX.

Workout Accessories:

Yoga mats by DOUX, jump rope by Nike, water bottle by BKR, and step tracker by FitBit.

We hope you've found some tips and inspiration from our list of fitness and health habits. We realize that everyone is different, and that's why it's so important to experiment with different types of activities to figure out what you enjoy, what works for you, and what fits into your daily life. We would love to know what you guys do to stay fit and healthy. Do you have some other fitness and healthy habits you'd like to share with us?

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