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Le Midi / One Fifteen 初衣食午 | Taipei Restaurant

I still remember the first time we set foot in Le Midi at One Fifteen 初衣食午; it was back in 2015 and after having passed this interesting greenhouse-looking cafe on a few occasions, and being those creepy people looking through the window at what others are eating, Tieneke and I thought it was about time we go inside and try out this place for ourselves. And, let's be honest, be the creepy folk on the inside looking at the people passing by outside... (Hey, I can't help it if this place basically has floor to ceiling windows!) Since then we've made quite a few visits, as we just can't get enough of the very stunning interiors and, of course, the fantastic food.

One Fifteen 初衣食午 recently renovated their space, which consists of a cafe and a designer clothing store. It's much more spacious now and there are plenty of tables to sip your champagne at. The cafe area is also split into two rooms. The front room facing Daan Road is the most beautiful room with amazing natural light streaming in from the huge windows and sunroof; this room has a 600nt minimum charge per person. Not too bad, but I've noticed that very few people actually end up choosing this option and we were basically the only people in there for almost 2 hours. The other room more to the side of the cafe is also lovely, albeit a little darker, and was packed with people the whole time we were there.

It's really tough to choose from their menu, as literally everything looks amazing. Tieneke and I both got lattes (of course!), champagne (because why not?) and delicious open-faced sandwiches (the usual for us here!). I opted for the salmon and Tieneke got parma ham and brie. The food is always really tasty and fresh! Their menu is quite extensive and they also offer salads, desserts, juices and tea among other things. For our meal and drinks we spent just over 2000nt. It might sound steep but we did order champagne, which was quite pricey, and for us the ambiance created by the gorgeous interior and the natural light is totally worth the price.

Le Midi at One Fifteen 初衣食午 is one those places you go for a special occasion or if you're really just in the mood to treat yo' self. I've taken many friends there and everyone raves about the food and the stunning natural light inside. Go try it out, and don't forget to invite us along!

Business Hours: Open daily from 12:00-21:00

Phone: 02 8773 0115 (Reservations Accepted)

Nearest MRT: MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing (Blue and Brown Lines)

Facebook Page: facebook.com/onefifteen0115

Website: onefifteen115.com

Address: No. 92, Section 1, Da'an Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City

初衣食午106台北市大安區大安路一段92號 (Google Maps)

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