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Taiwan Summer Staycation | Accommodation Ideas

Taiwan Summer Staycation | Accommodation Ideas | Travel | A Style Alike

Okay, so we've somewhat made our peace with the fact that we won't be able to travel abroad this summer, and so should you! I mean, at least Taiwan has basically eradicated the dreaded COVID-19 virus (woohooo, Taiwan No.1!) and we are free to explore this beautiful island safely! 2020 will be the year of the "staycation", and we've already noticed travel agencies, hotels, and even the government pushing domestic travel.

Lucky for us, Taiwan has so much to offer and explore! Whether you want to go cool down in the mountains of Taroko Gorge, spend some time lounging at the beach in Kenting, explore the beautiful East coast, finally visit Sun Moon Lake, travel to one of the outlying islands like Penghu, or brave the heat and explore a historic city like Tainan, we do have options galore!

Choosing accommodation while traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I do spend way too much time choosing the perfect place to lay my head on vacation! (I really believe your vacation accommodation can make or break your trip sometimes!). I decided to put together a (carefully curated) list of accommodation options all over Taiwan; places that we would personally stay at (or have already). In the list I'm including places for a range of budgets, and at the end of the post you can also find a map with all of the options mentioned.

Below you can see some pics of the places we've picked; just click on the link to see more photos, to find the prices, and to make your booking. Don't wait too long though, places are filling up FAST!



Top Left to Right:

1. Casa Aperta B&B 迷路為了看花


3. 後灣發宅 FaHuas

Bottom Left to Right:

4. Gloria Manor

5. 後面有灣 Hooope Inn

6. il Piccolo Polpo Hotel


Top Left to Right:

7. Kenting Gold DeSign Hotel

8. Kenting South Border DeSign Hotel

9. Ocean Day by Day 日日旅海

Bottom Left to Right:

10. TenDay 拾日.包棟VILLA

11. The House 15 Villa 白砂15 - 墾丁villa民宿典藏

12. 曲境 Villa Windingland


Left to Right:

13. 碧海晴天 Villa Yagoo

14. 微。逗留 民宿 We Stay Inn

15. Yellow's Kenting B&B



Top Left to Right:

16. Dulan The Travel Bug Bistro Inn 旅行蟲

17. Good Stay B&B 好待民宿

18. Mayhow Donghe 美好東河咖啡民宿

Bottom Left to Right:

19. Stone Party 石一方

20. Wishingwell B&B


21. The Easy Space 逸閒居精品民宿


Top Left to Right:

22. Adagio Reindeer - ShiTiWan 118緩慢;尋路 石梯灣118

23. Boutique Ocean Inn 純粹愛大海

24. 泊壹旅宿 Boy Apartment

Bottom Left to Right:

25. HouHu 後湖水月 Gardens & Resort

26. Jumpark B&B 越牆工園

27. Noosa Coast B&B 海岸行館


Left to Right:

28. 松邑莊園 The Silence Manor

29. Silks Place Taroko 太魯閣晶英酒店

30. Chuying Sunrise B&B


Top Left to Right:

31. 13Inn 平凡。平房 獨棟度假屋

32. Daybreak

33. 実舍台東 Genuinn

Bottom Left to Right:

34. Lof'it 日青工寓

35. LP Guesthouse 懶骨頭民宿

36. Madam's Mansion Homestay


Top Left to Right

37. Island Villa 小島

38. 呆宅 Just Stay

39. Lakeshore Hotel Suao

Bottom Left to Right:

40. MU Jiaoxi Hotel 礁溪寒沐酒店

41. Onsense Villa

42. The New Days


Left to Right:

43. Wellspring by Silks

44. Yilan Tree House 旅樹

45. Yu Peng Villa


Left to Right:


46. Something Easy Inn 山城逸境x漫山逸旅


47. Archinn 重力聯合建築師事務所


48. Ample Villa


Top Left to Right:

49. S Hotel Taipei

50. Grand Mayfull Taipei

51. Hotel Proverbs

Bottom Left to Right:

52. Humble House Taipei

53. Kimpton Da An Taipei

54. Landis Resort Yangmingshan


Top Left to Right

55. Play Design Hotel 玩味旅舍

56. Regent Taipei 台北晶華酒店

57. Star Hostel Taipei Main Station

Bottom Left to Right:

58. The Door Inn 門草行旅

59. Villa 32

60. W Taipei



Top Left to Right:

61. Mare Cielo 大海的天空民宿

62. OX Suites 圈叉行旅

63. PAPO'A Hotel 帕鉑舍旅

Bottom Left to Right:

64. PInHOuse

65. 七分 Seventh Living B&B

66. Silks Club 晶英國際行館


Left to Right:

67. Around the Tree Manor

68. ChooArt Villa 樹也

69. Onsen Papawaqa


Top Left to Right:

70. H Villa Inn 清水漾

71. Hii-Hubs B&B 快活慢行

72. La Maisonnette 台南小房子

Bottom Left to Right:

73. Laile Hostel 來了

74. Maison the Core B&B 果核抵家

75. Silks Place Tainan


Left to Right:

76. Tainan Tree House台南樹舍

77. U.I.J Hotel & Hostel 友愛街旅館

78. Your Fun Apartment 有方公寓


Left to Right:

79. Norden Ruder Hostel

80. SI Hotel 嬉·行旅 81. SOF hotel 植光花園酒店



Top Left to Right:

82. Fleur de Chine Hotel

83. Impression-Nordic Manor 印象北歐莊園俱樂部

84. Sun Moon Inn 日月潭山慕藝旅

Bottom Left to Right:

85. Sun Moon Lake Secret Garden Design Villa

86. The Lalu Sun Moon Lake

87. Yuan Forest Homestay 日月潭‧原森林民宿



Left to Right:

88. Laguna Villas & Resorts

89. Mahalo B&B II

90. The Domed Tile B&B

See our map below of all the places listed in this post, and let us know where you'll be going for your Taiwan summer staycation this year!


Taiwan Summer Staycation | Accommodation Ideas | Travel | A Style Alike

Taiwan Summer Staycation Accommodation MAP

If you'd like us to visit your hotel, B&B, homestay or motel, CONTACT US at hello@astylealike.com to receive our media kit and to discuss collaboration options. We'd love to hear from you, and are open to your ideas.

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