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The Best Basket Bags for Summer 2017

Move over designer bags, there's a new "it" bag in town! And not only are they easy on the eyes, they are very easy on our wallets, too. Phew! This year the basket bag has taken on a life of its own, as it seems there's not a fashionista in the world who doesn't have a wicker, straw, rattan, woven or bamboo beauty in her collection right now. Of course, Tieneke and I couldn't wait to add one (or in my case, three...) to our handbag collections; they are the perfect accessories this summer! There are multiple options out there, but these are the three baskets that we just couldn't resist. Read on to find out more about each of these, and also how you can get your hands on one for yourself.

The Birkin Basket

This might just be the basket that kicked off this season's basket bag craze. The "Birkin basket", named after the ever so stylish Jane Birkin (who famously used to favor this style of wicker basket as a purse) comes in different sizes, and definitely gives off that "effortlessly chic Parisian girl at the flower market" vibe. Below I'm wearing it with a casual knot tied button-up blouse and high rise jeans, but it's really such an easy accessory to wear, as it goes with most of my summer outfits. I bought mine from an Etsy shop, which sells handmade baskets from Portugal. I'm very happy with the quality, and they ship worldwide. If you're interested, you can take a look at the Etsy shop here. (Mine is in the "Lunchbox" size, which easily fits my wallet and iPhone 7 Plus.)

The Handwoven Roundie Bag

This is the perfect small cross body bag for summer! Petite and light, but also big enough to carry your wallet and phone. As spring approached, Tieneke didn't waste any time in getting her hands on one. Ever since then she's been wearing it all the time, and it looks really good with all of her summer outfits. These woven bags are handmade in Bali, Indonesia and have been popping up everywhere online; Tieneke purchased hers on posse.com and I recently got one as well, again, from an Etsy store. Inside, the bag is lined with colorful fabric.


I have never owned a bag that people comment on as much as this one! Okay, maybe the MANSUR GAVRIEL bucket bag when it first came out, but this one is up there for sure. This interesting bag is made out of bamboo, and comes in three different sizes; mini, small and large. (I got it in the small size.) For me, the small size was the perfect choice, as I think the large would have looked somewhat chunky, and I'm really not sure what you'd be able to fit in the mini (as it's absolutely tiny!) It is a very sturdy bag, but obviously you can't carry small items like change in it, as it will slip through the openings. I carry all my smaller items in a little pouch which I put inside the bag. I absolutely love the architectural design, and of course the fact that it goes with all my summer outfits and is HIGHLY Instagrammable. I purchased mine from cultgaia.com (they restock often), but have seen them on other online shops, too. I'll list all the available options at the end of this post.

So, have you jumped on the basket bag bandwagon this season? Which of these three bags do you like the most? I must say that I'm quite smitten with all three of them. The handwoven roundie bag is probably the most practical one, especially when you're traveling and want your hands free. The Birkin Basket is perfect for weekends when going to brunch with friends or actually going to the flower market to live out your French girl dreams. And that CULT GAIA bag... I'm just obsessed with it.

- Get the Birkin Basket here or here.

- Get the Handwoven Roundie bag here or here.

- Get the CULT GAIA Ark here, here or here.


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