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Third Floor Coffee 在三樓 | Taipei Cafe

If we weren't specifically looking for this cafe, we probably wouldn't have found it. It's not one of those places you just notice from the street and waltz into; it is "hidden" on the third floor of a building, only accessible through a hiking goods store which occupies the 1st and 2nd floors. We followed the signs to the cafe and made our way up the stairs and through the maze of backpacks, hiking boots and other walking gear until we reached the 3rd floor. Success!

Tieneke and I immediately made a reservation at this place after spotting some pics on Instagram and because, hello, PINK WALL! The gorgeous natural light streaming in from the wrap around windows, all the plants, the wooden floors and the hanging lights definitely lured us in with their prospects of fantastically well-lit and interesting photos. From snaps online, we also saw that they offer plenty of desserts and, the essence of our Saturday outings, The Latte.

First, please feast your eyeballs on this incredible interior.

Now, let's have a little chat about the edibles. Tieneke and I both ordered the mushroom quiche (they also offer quiche Lorraine) and of course HAD TO get dessert, too. I opted for the strawberry cheesecake and Tieneke got the ginger pound cake. We washed down all these yummy treats with delicious lattes. Everything was fresh and served with a smile. (Really, the staff is super friendly!) Our total for everything came to around 770NT. Here are more photos for your viewing pleasure.

We had a lovely time here and I've already been recommending it to friends in Taipei. Go to enjoy the light and bright interior, Instagram-friendly details and tasty treats.

Business Hours: Open daily from 12:30 to 20:00

Phone: 02 2776 9281 (Reservations are accepted)

Nearest MRT: MRT Nanjing Fuxing (Green & Brown Lines)

Facebook Page: CoffeeThirdFloor

Address: No.330, Section 2, Bade Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City


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