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A Guide to Mykonos

When planning our 2-week trip to Greece this past summer, I just knew we had to include Mykonos in our itinerary; Greece's whitewashed paradise and most popular of the Greek islands, known for its wild nightlife and beach parties, and vacation hot spot of the rich and famous. We knew it was going to be expensive (to say the least), so only planned to spend two nights here after visiting Santorini and Milos, and carefully planned our itinerary of the places we wanted to see and explore.

In my travel guide you can find all the need-to-know details of visiting this picturesque island in Greece, from getting there to getting around, where to stay and explore, and also all the things you absolutely must do. Also find recommendations of where to eat and drink, and a map to all the places included in my guide.

How To Get There

By Plane - Flying to Mykonos straight from Athens International Airport is probably the fastest way to get there (it's a 50-minute flight), and if you book way in advance you might snatch up some tickets for under $60. I recommend using Skyscanner for finding the best deals and lowest prices.

By Boat - Travelling by sea was my preferred way of travel in Greece to avoid airports as much as possible (no need to check in early and wait in lines to go through passport control). Blue Star ferries, one of Greece's most popular, travels to Mykonos daily from Athens' port and will get you there in about 5 hours. I recommend Ferryhopper to book all your ferry and boat trips in Greece.

How To Get Around

By Scooter - Renting a scooter (or ATV) is the best way to travel in and explore Mykonos, saving you a LOT of time and letting you discover every hidden corner of this gorgeous island. Scooter rental is a little bit more expensive than at other Greek islands, and will set you back at least 30 Euros a day, depending on the time of year and also your preferred scooter. Scooter rental shops can easily be found in Mykonos Town, or it can be arranged through your hotel.

By Taxi - Another way of travel in Mykonos is by taxi, but trust me, it's VERY expensive (It's around 30 Euros a trip). Taxis can easily be arranged through your hotel and will pick you up right on your doorstep.

By Bus - Buses are probably the cheapest way to get around in Mykonos (It's under 2 Euros per trip), but during peak season it gets quite busy and buses fill up very quickly. If you prefer to travel by bus, have a look at the schedules here and be at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before to secure a seat on the bus.

Where To Stay

Mykonos island isn't that big so it's quite easy to stay in one spot and enjoy the others. Three of the most popular (and highly recommended) spots to stay at are Mykonos Town (known for it's nightlife, shopping and restaurants), Ornos (great for families and has a family-friendly beach) or Platis Gialos (famous for their trendy beach bars and variety of water sports). Below you can see my recommended accommodation in/near each of these spots.

Mykonos Town - Leto Hotel is located a mere 700 meters from the city center, offers an outdoor pool and has magnificent views of the Aegean Seas. Another great option is i-Diva Mykonos which is only 300 meters from Agia Anna Beach and 200 meters from Mykonos City Center.

Ornos - Verano Mykonos Villa is within a 5-minutes' walk from shops and restaurants and only 40 meters walking distance from Ornos' beautiful beach. It can accommodate 4 guests and also has a communal pool.

Platis Gialos - Mykonos Scorpion Beachfront Suite is only 300 meters away from Platis Yialos Beach, and also near two of Mykonos' most famous beach clubs, Scorpios and Nammos. Another great option in this area is Mykonian Mews Luxury Suites​, situated within 200 meters of Psarou Beach and 400 meters of Platis Gialos Beach.

What To Do

Walk around in Mykonos Town - Get up early and head to Mykonos Town before the crowds of people (aka cruise ships) arrive to admire the beauty of this picturesque town. Keep a lookout for Mykonos' adorable mascot, Petros the Pelican, and snap a picture before he gets away.

Go for breakfast at Kastro's - It's the picture you see on all the postcards and probably Mykonos' most iconic spot; the dreamy white alley overlooking the turquoise blue Aegean seas. Sit down and enjoy a Frappe (Greek iced coffee) and admire the stunning ocean view.

Visit Paraportiani Church - Paraportiani Church is located right around the corner from Kastro's, and is a must-see when in Mykonos. Not only is it one of the most beautiful churches in the world, but also the most photographed.

Admire the Windmills - Take a minute to admire Mykonos' most famous landmark, its iconic windmills situated right next to Little Venice, on a hill overlooking the blue seas. It can be seen from every point in the village and is truly a remarkable sight.

Watch the sunset at Little Venice - This is an absolute must and one of my most memorable experiences of Mykonos. Grab a table next to the water at Caprice, and enjoy a cocktail next to the waves while watching the most magical sunset you'll ever see.

Have lunch at Kiki's Taverna - You can't go to Mykonos without visiting Kiki's, considered one of Mykono's BEST tavernas and the most idyllic in my opinion. This rustic, open-air and electricity-free restaurant is located on a hill, next to another one of Mykono's gorgeous churches, overlooking Agios Sostis beach. They don't accept reservations, but while waiting in line diners can enjoy some complimentary Rosé, and also the stunning ocean view.

Go to Scorpios Beach Club - Mykonos is (in)famous for their wild parties, which take place at beach clubs scattered all over this majestic island. If you're not too into the "wild" scene anymore, opt to go to Scorpios, a boho-luxe beach club that provides laid back lounge chairs, amazing cocktails, and classy beach parties (No teenagers dancing on the tables here!) It's expensive, but totally worth it and one of the most stylish hangouts in Mykonos.

Where To Eat & Drink

As mentioned above, one of the most hyped restaurants in Mykonos is Kiki's Taverna, a local tavern located next to the beach that offers fresh seafood and other local dishes. For breakfast with a view I recommend going to Kastro's (one of the most photographed restaurants in the world) and enjoying a light meal and a Frappe. For yummy sweet treats such as crepes and waffles, go to Delicious or Crepa Land (both are located in Mykonos Town), and end your day with cocktails at two of Mykonos' best spots for sunset watching, Caprice or Galleraki Bar.

More Recommendations: Markos Falafel, Local Mykonos, Popolo, Hippie Fish, Veranda

Crepa Land

Gallerika Cocktail Bar

Caprice Mykonos

Good To Know

  • Mykonos is the most expensive island in Greece, and to have a good time you'll have to budget at least a 100 Euros per person per day.

  • Beach clubs can be found all over the island, but to grab a beach chair and umbrella it can set you back up to 100 Euros (or more). Cocktails cost around 20 to 25 Euros each.

  • You'll find scooter rental shops easily in Mykonos Town, or you can arrange with your hotel to have the scooter delivered to your doorstep. Wearing a helmet is optional, but I'll advise to do so.

  • Mykonos' tiny streets fill up quickly, especially once the cruise ships arrive, so get up early and hit the town if you want to take some tourist-free pictures.

  • During high season (July and August) hotel and AirBnB prices triple.. if not more.

  • It's extremely windy in Summer, so rather leave your hats at home unless you want to be chasing it through the hordes of people.

Below you can find a map of Mykonos and all the places I mentioned in my guide. If you're planning on going to Greece and would also like to explore some of the other islands, have a look at my guide to Santorini and Milos, and get some outfit ideas for a summer in Greece here.

A Guide to Mykonos MAP


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