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The Ultimate Airplane Carry-On Checklist

The Ultimate Airplane Carry-On Checklist │ A Style Alike

As I was checking over my packing list for a recent trip to Dubai, the idea popped into my head to share with you guys how I plan and pack my carry-on for a flight. I am not that type of person that can just throw a bunch of stuff in my carry-on bag, grab my passport, and be on my merry way; I’m a little more organized than that. Okay, okay… a LOT more organized. I have a meticulously crafted carry-on checklist that I follow, which I've perfected over the years of traveling all over the world. I realized that this checklist might be helpful to those of you who struggle with packing, or those who happen to be... uhm... how can I say this?... organizationally challenged?

Having a lot of things with you to carry onto the airplane is super annoying, and also totally unnecessary and avoidable; only take the bare essentials. Personally, I strive to squeeze everything into a large purse. For me this is usually quite easy to do, as most of the time I have The Husband's carry-on backpack as a backup when my purse gets too bulky. But alas, we don't always travel with our partners, some of you have kiddos, and when we have long haul flights with connections or layovers, or if we know we'll be bringing a lot of things back from our trips, that trusty carry-on suitcase just has to go, too.

Of course, you can eliminate the items you don't personally need or use, and add things you can't live without. I have organized all items into categories: Documents, Comfort, Entertainment, Toiletries & Meds, Valuables, Food & Drinks, and Layover, Connection or Long Haul Extras. Here is the carry-on packing list I always use; you can download it, save it, print it, or Pin it.

The Ultimate Airplane Carry-On Checklist │ A Style Alike

DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Airplane Carry-On Checklist

Also, look out for our list of travel accessories and products that we can highly recommend for a comfortable and smooth flight. which will be coming soon!

Happy travels!

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