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VITA FEDE Mini Titan Bracelets

For the longest time, the classic VITA FEDE Mini Titan bracelet was there on my wishlist, staring back at me, begging me to take the plunge and make it mine. I was hesitant though, because I don't often wear bracelets and worried that a.) it would look too chunky on my wrist, and b.) how many times would i actually wear this kind-of-statement bracelet!? But I've always been such a big fan of the brand's "rock 'n' roll meets classic" aesthetic and this signature gold bracelet just seemed like one of those pieces that would subtly spice up my normally simple outfits. Not that I needed that much more encouragement, but when I saw how stunning Tieneke's rose gold Mini Titan Stone bracelet looked on her (combined with one of ShopBop.com's 25%-off deals) I had to snatch that baby right up!

Here Tieneke is wearing the rose gold Mini Titan Stone bracelet. The rose gold really compliments her skin tone and the black cone tip style definitely adds to that rock 'n' roll vibe. It looks great with both casual and more dressy outfits, which makes it such a versatile piece. Another thing I love about VITA FEDE's signature Titan bracelets, is that they come in many different variations; they are available in silver, black, gold and rose gold and you can also find some that are decorated with crystals. On top of that, they come in the Titan, Mini Titan and Ultra Mini Titan versions (see the image below for a size comparison), which makes it easy finding the perfect one to fit your specific style and your color and size preferences. Tieneke and I both got the Mini Titan versions in size XS.

Because of the hinged cuff, it's easy to put on and take off, but still feels secure on my arm when wearing it. It also compliments my watches and other gold jewelry beautifully and that's why I've been wearing it more than I originally thought I would. Tieneke already mentioned that she wants to add another VITA FEDE bracelet to her collection, and I totally understand why, these pieces seem to go with everything. But how to decide which one to get next, there are so many options!

Check out a variety of the Titan bracelets on VitaFede.com (also, you can get 15% off your first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter.)

- Get the VITA FEDE Mini Titan in Gold here

- Get the VITA FEDE Mini Titan Stone in Rose Gold here


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