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What's In My Diaper Bag

Leaving the house with your newborn can be quite overwhelming at first and you're probably going to end up taking the entire nursery with you and spend way too much time trying to organize and pack the diaper bag. After a few outings with Sebastian, The Husband and I quickly figured out what we needed (and what we don’t) and also learned to keep our diaper bag stocked and ready to go.

I didn’t invest in a diaper bag and rather opted for a diaper bag insert, which serves as an organizer for all your baby necessities and can be used to turn your favorite handbag into an organized diaper bag. It’s big enough to fit all our diaper bag essentials, and just the right size to fit into my tote bags and also my husband’s backpack.

Below you can see my full list of what I pack in my diaper bag, and also find a printable checklist of everything you need.

BAG ORGANIZER / INSERT - I didn't buy an actual diaper bag and just got a diaper bag organizer by ToteSavvy that I use inside my straw tote (or any other handbag), or in my husbands backpack. It also has a washable changing mat that's attached on the side, and a keyring for your house and kar keys.

CARSEAT & NURSING COVER - I always take our Milksnob cover with as it serves as a nursing cover or a cover for the carseat that protects from the wind and sun, or just from random strangers touching our baby.

TEETHER - We never leave our house without Sophie La Girafe; it's a must when babies start teething and the only teether that seems to calm our baby.

SOUND MACHINE - When our baby takes a nap in his stroller and we're in a busy restaurant or shopping mall, our Rohm sound machine is a lifesaver.

CHANGING MAT - One of my top baby essentials is our leather changing mat by Gathre. It's super convenient for diaper changes on the go, and wipes clean easily with a wet wipe.

DIAPERS - We always make sure we have at least 3 diapers with us, just in case we have a poopy situation (or 3) when we're out and about.

BOTTLE - Our Comotomo Bottle is always with us, just in case a breastfeeding room isn't around.

BURP CLOTH - You can't leave the house without a burp cloth. We always have our Natemia burp cloth with us which is super soft against our baby's delicate skin.

BREATHING MONITOR - The Snuza Hero breathing monitor is always in my bag and we use it for naps on the go so we don't need to check on our little one constantly.

DIAPER BALM - We always have our Earth Mama diaper balm with us to prevent our baby from developing a diaper rash.

EXTRA OUTFIT - Poop explosions like to happen just as you leave the house, so definitely have an extra outfit on standby!

HAT - Babies don't like to sit in their stroller all the time and likes to be carried around, so a sun hat is a necessity during the warmer months. In winter make sure you have something to keep their heads and feet warm.

DISPOSABLE DIAPER BAGS - Just in case a trash can isn't anywhere to be found, have a few disposable diaper bags with you.

WET WIPES - We usually pop a few of them into a ziplock bag so we don't need to take the entire pack.

HAND SANITIZER - To keep your hands germ (and poop) free, alway have a small hand sanitizer in your bag.



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