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April 13, 2018

We often find ourselves strolling in the city and getting lost in alleys, discovering hidden gems as we go. But never do we expect to find ourselves embarking on a journey to the Middle East, sipping on traditional Turkish coffees and eating Turkish delight (in Taipei!). If you don’t believe us, scroll down and see for yourself...

Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee opened its doors recently in Daan District, and is located in a quiet alley, attracting passersby with its crisp white and blue exterior, and large glass sliding doors. Upon entering you’ll be mesmerized with it’s exotic, Turkish charm and the smell of roasted coffee beans. The shop is filled with trinkets and souvenirs from Turkey, and decorated with traditional materials and textiles.


The friendly owner and barista, Steven, invited us to observe the coffee brewing process, explaining to us in detail how the coffee is made; from grinding the coffee to boiling it in a sand pit, using an Ibrik, a traditional Turkish coffee pot. 

The menu consists of a range or Middle Eastern dishes, from baked hummus to chickpea curries, and snacks and dessert such as Sütlac and Pain Aux, all served with nuts and dried fruit. Liesl and I opted for the Turkish Trio (Classic, Speciality and Signature Coffees), the Baklava Dried Fruit with Nuts, and the Morning Bun with Nuts. Our food (and coffees) were prepared with care and attention to detail, and served with a smile by Steven himself.


Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee MENU

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Escape the buzzing city life and go enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee in this tranquil coffee house in Daan District. The lovely barista will make you feel right at home, and teach you a thing or two about brewing Turkish coffee. 



Business Hours: Thursday to Tuesday from 12:00 to 21:00


Phone:  02 2755 5108


Nearest MRT:  MRT Daan Station (Red and Brown Line)




Address: No. 23號, Lane 154, Siwei Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106



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